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January 1, 1970


Magento is an open-source platform that enables the building of a robust E-Commerce platform. It assures the construction of unique, and adaptable websites. Magento is a component of a significant eCommerce ecosystem owned by Adobe. As a vibrant and active community that supports it and is free to use Magento is a popular platform. If you are looking to enhance the strength of Magento, then Odoo is the right choice. While Magento offers an efficient eCommerce tool, Odoo assures comprehensive support for managing all other tasks. This entails that it gives online store owners control over the appearance, information, and functionality of their online store. It offers flexibility to users when it comes to their shopping cart system. Magento also offers strong marketing and catalog-management features.


Odoo is a well-known enterprise resource planning program on the market. This ERP Software offers businesses a wide range of capabilities to better manage and optimize their company processes. Ultimately, Odoo is an all-inclusive business management tool that has benefited countless SMEs in various industries.

Why Do We Need Odoo- Magento Integration?

Odoo and Magento are two unique and efficient tools. When these are integrated, the users get many-faceted benefits. Store owners may synchronize their product catalogs, sales orders, invoices, and other functionalities with the aid of the Odoo Magento connector. Online retailers can benefit from both systems by combining Odoo and Magento. An efficient ERP partner can help you streamline and automate various activities and data management with this integration. Multiple factors make the Magento Odoo integration necessary. To begin with, once a corporation grows to a certain point, the data will inevitably expand and become harder to handle. In short, it is no longer possible to manually enter data and transfer data between two platforms. Hence, integration is essential to automate data transfer. Online retailers can automate their essential business activities and do away with human labor by using the Odoo-Mageto integration.

Advantages of Odoo Magento Integration

Customized Approach

Customers can now use, and store several features inside of a single installation by integrating Magento and Odoo. It offers fully editable templates with payment choices, several languages, and good integration compatibility with outside programs.

Automated Calculation of Commission

The integration develops an easy and automatic commission computation at the sales order level by selecting commission percent.

B2B Orders and Dropship Orders

Based on its connectivity with B2B vendors, the client can verify stock availability and place an order instantly.

Simple Order Management

With Odoo ERP, the customer may work on new orders on-the-fly and accept orders into the system right away.

Retrieval Data and Making Payments

Odoo Magento integration enables the storage of product data in a centralized database. Thus, data retrieval becomes easier and seamless. Integration with payment gateways is also possible.

Odoo Magento Integration for Different Clients by Bassam Infotech

 Bassam Infotech, a leading Odoo Implementation and Odoo Integration company in Dubai has been working to integrate Odoo and Magento for many clients. Clients from UAE, Africa, India, and other countries have been approaching Bassam, an official Odoo Partner to complete the task efficiently. The experienced team of Bassam could help them explore Magento and Odoo to their full by integrating the tools with no technical glitches. The integration has made their accounting, purchase, logistics, sales, and other activities smoother.

TGR Ventures

TGR Ventures Ltd is a digital agency. It helps many eCommerce businesses to achieve success by supporting complex marketing and administration tasks. Accomplishing goals becomes painless for eCommerce platforms after joining hands with TGR, finance, logistics, and purchase support services. Bassam Infotech has helped TGR coordinate all its activities and synchronize its operation. Integration of Odoo and Magento has helped is company enhance its project management skills and strategy development. The integration also supports them to offer efficient marketing support to their clients. The integration support has made them competent to offer quick and economical customer service and marketplace provider.


An online food delivery network in the UAE, Talabat has always wanted an efficient ERP tool that could integrate with its e-commerce platform. A user of Magento, they chose, Bassam Infotech for Odoo Magento Integration. A leading Odoo Implementation Company in Dubai, Bassam integrated Odoo with Magento to help them manage their products, price lists, purchases, sales, and invoicing. Odoo Magento connectors are highly efficient to manage multiple branches of Talabat. The finance and supply chain management of the team got enhanced with this integration support. Bassam has an efficient team that has experience in integrating Odoo and Magento for clients from different verticals.

Dark Stores

Dark Stares are emerging business ventures after COVID-19 Pandemic. Many on-demand delivery systems started operating after the pandemic. These stores are the key clients of Odoo- Magento integration. As they need an efficient eCommerce platform along with a synchronized system to manage billing, sales, and finance, the integration offers extensive support. Grocery stores run by huge companies to small retail grocery stores are now embracing this integration support for boosting their business operations. The increasing dependence on eCommerce platforms for purchasing all items including clothes and other essentials has made more companies go for integration. Fashion, homeware, furniture, and all other items required for homes and offices are now available on these platforms.


A retail store, the Danube went for Odoo-Magento Integration with increased demand for doorstep delivery. The integration helped the business to fly high and expand boundaries. Odoo Magento connectors assist the team to manage delivery teams, purchases, inventory, transportation, sales, and other aspects of the retail business. As Odoo also supports accounting and human resources, any client going for integration can experience all the advantages. Bassam has done the integration process for Alsaree in Iraq and SCI Blueprint in Senegal. Our expertise in integration support will help eCommerce platforms achieve success. To know more about integration, contact us.

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