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9 Steps to Find the Best Odoo ERP Customization Company? | Checklist to Choose the Best Odoo ERP Customization Company

September 18, 2021

Odoo ERP customization is a critical process for any business. Choosing the right ERP and effective ERP customization decides the success of ERP implementation. No ERP is designed to fit your business needs perfectly.

Odoo ERP developers analyze the market requirements and introduce an ERP platform that, in general, will be suitable for a large proportion of industries and businesses.

The Odoo ERP becomes your perfect partner only when the applications are designed for personalized requirements, and Customization enables a company to ensure complete utilization of the Odoo Enterprise resource planning.

Odoo, an easily customizable ERP tool, offers flexibility and scalability to the users. Being an open-source software solution, Odoo users get extensive support from thousands of developers who constantly enhance the resourcefulness of the ERP (Enterprise resource planning) tool.

Odoo Customization helps the users access the right shoe for the feet instead of trimming the foot to fit the shoe and assists the business in integrating different features. Inclusion of various functionalities suitable for easing the business management tasks and exclusion of unnecessary functionalities ensure speed and accuracy to operations.  

Benefits of Odoo ERP Customization

  • Ensure personalized experience
  • Enhanced support for long term goal management
  • Increased mobility
  • Get added functionalities
  • Total support for business management

Find the Best Odoo ERP Customization Company

Choosing the Best Odoo ERP Customization Partner is a significant task for ensuring efficient Customization and Implementation of an Odoo ERP solution. Your Odoo customization partner can help you to handpick the features and functionalities best suited for your requirements. 

Ensuring the right degree of Customization is the most significant aspect of Odoo implementation. An expert Odoo customization company can provide you with comprehensive technical support for enhancing the profitability of the business.

Odoo is a customizable ERP. An efficient Odoo customization partner will be able to make maximum use of the Odoo modules and select all functionalities required for the smooth functioning of the business. 

Streamlining the operations of a business is possible with customization. Choosing the Best Odoo Partner guarantees timely assistance for customization and app upgrades. The custom modules empower your Odoo ERP to complete various tasks with speed and accuracy.

9 Steps to find the Best Odoo ERP Customization Company

Industry Awareness 

Whenever you choose a partner, go for a team that interacts with the management and employees to study the requirement. Understanding the requirements of a particular firm is essential for the efficiency of the tailor-made ERP tool.

An Odoo partner with thorough industry awareness guarantees that no essential features or functionalities are missed out. Excellent knowledge about the everyday business management hurdles, requirements, and major issues make them compatible to handle the Customization. The experience of the team in handling customization for the same industry can also be taken into account while choosing the partner.

Client- Partner Relationship

Efficient communication between the customization partner and the investor is essential for guaranteeing the success of Customization. Choosing a partner who engages in meetings with the employees and management to discuss the needs and modes of operation will benefit the company. A proper analysis of the existing software tools and the customer base of the investor can improve the efficiency of the tailor-made tool. 

GAP analysis

Bridging the gap between the requirements of a company and the functionalities offered by the Odoo ERP is an important aspect of Customization. The Odoo ERP Customization partner should be capable of analyzing the requirement and pointing out the shortcomings of the Odoo ERP modules selected by the user. Finding out the modules which can easily bridge the gap is the primary task of the ERP Customization firm. With an efficient system for requirement analysis and thorough knowledge of Odoo ERP modules, Bassam Infotech ensures expert service to fill the gap.

Bassam Infotech, with an efficient team to manage Odoo Software Customization, offers expert service to users. The service is available in India, Dubai, UAE, Saudi Arabia, Europe, and Africa


Feasibility assessment

All Odoo ERP tools may not be suitable for your business. It is the primary objective of Odoo customization partners to identify the ERP suitable for their business. Bassam Infotech, with an experienced team, can help you check the feasibility aspect.

The feasibility assessment helps the companies to understand the advantages and disadvantages of the Odoo ERP solution and sort out the features required for the effortless operation of their business. An efficient Odoo customization team can also help the user to understand how Odoo ERP customization will help the business.

It is important to ensure that the Odoo ERP can benefit your business. Implementing an ERP that is not suitable for the business will be a waste of money.

Estimate management

Want to have an idea about the investment required for ERP Customization?

An efficient Odoo ERP tool can help you with money management. An ERP Customization Partner will give you an estimate of the total amount of money required for the customization process helping you plan the customization process and choose the features accordingly.

Ensure customer approval

Odoo ERP implementation is a process that requires the equal participation of the user and the implementation or customization partner. The Odoo ERP experts can give their suggestions and, at the same time, value the suggestions and requirements of the customers. It is always to look for a customization partner who starts the ERP software Customization only on getting approval from the investor.

 Efficient Development

Odoo ERP development begins after the Customization of the features and functionalities. All the approved features become part of the ERP. Choosing the Best Odoo ERP Customization partner will avoid any kind of technical glitches in the future.

Testing support

Testing the ERP after development is an important part of the process. Based on the test, the Odoo partner carries out debugging and ensures error-free implementation. Successful Odoo ERP testing helps accurate and speedy operation.

Timely delivery

Timely delivery of the personalized Odoo ERP solution is the end process of Customization. Always choose an Odoo partner who is capable of delivering the customized Odoo ERP at the right time.

With over a decade of experience in Odoo ERP implementation, Bassam Infotech guarantees efficient Odoo customization support to our partners. For more details, +91 88912 49995 or +971 52 696 2303 Email to

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