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September 19, 2022

The Odoo 15 Documents module allows users to manage, store, and consider files. Users can customize actions, tags, emails, and other features. Before enabling the accounting option, let’s create a workspace for accounting.

Choose Finance as the Name and the Parent Workspace that drives the tags.

Click on Add a line option below the Tags tab to choose a company for your workspace and attach tags. In the screenshot below, you can see the Category and the Tags.

name-of-the-TagsCreated Finance workspace is viewable within the main window. Information like Workspace name, Company, Tag Categories, Read Groups, and Write Groups may be found here within the screenshot below.


To use accounting aspects in Odoo 15 Documents, users must activate the accounting option.

Select the Settings menu under the Configuration tab. You may see the Accounting field on the underside of the Settings window. To streamline your accounting documents and files, activate the Accounting field. Select your created Accounting Workspace, as shown within the screenshot below.

Accounting-WorkspaceNow let’s develop an invoice for purchasers from the Odoo 15 Accounting module to evaluate the operations.

Click on the New Invoice icon inside Customer Invoices within the Accounting module. dashboard. Once you select the customer within the new window, the customer and delivery address are automatically selected. The Customer Invoice page also allows you to set the date and Journal. After selecting your product from the Invoice Lines tab, click on Add a line, enter the merchandise name, and also the data is displayed. As you’ll be able to see within the screenshot below, we selected the Desk Organizer product.


Then Select the merchandise and also the journal items will appear here automatically. Click on the SAVE icon and make sure the customer invoice. Select the Send & Print icon to send the invoice via email.

Send & Print icon to send-the-invoice-via-emailWithin the Recipients field, you’ll select your document followers, and also the Subject will appear automatically. After selecting the template, click the Send & Print icon. When selecting the SEND & PRINT button, we will configure the document’s layout. Within the new window, you’ll choose a lightweight, Bold, Striped, or Boxed layout. Choose Colors, Layout Background, and Company Logo for your document. Company Details are viewable on top of reports, and also you’ll be able to add Company Tagline displays within the top right corner of documents, as depicted within the screenshot below.


Select the SAVE icon to configure the document layout.

Now, let’s return to the Odoo 15 Documents module and choose the Finance section from Workspace. The created document can be seen in the Odoo 15 Documents module as shown below.


The customer invoice document is displayed in the Finance Workspace of Odoo 15 Documents dashboard. you’ll be able to view the date, document name, and standing from here. If you choose the document, you’ll access all previous information on the correct side. You’ll be able also to share, replace, split, download, and lock your document with the assorted icons available. Users can view the document’s Name, Workspace, Contact, and Owner. We can impart different actions for the document, like Validate, Create Credit Note, Create Bill, and build Customer Invoice.
In the Documents window, users can create a spreadsheet, add a link, and upload a file with the help of the Odoo 15 Documents module

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