Adding an External Python Package to Odoo sh

November 25, 2022

Odoo depends on different various Python packages. To install certain applications in Odoo, it required to install specified Python packages. This blog will show how to install Python extensions via pip3.

External dependencies are the python packages or any binaries, that have to be installed to make the module work.

Odoo. sh is PaaS (Platform as a Service) controlled by Odoo SA.Using, you can deploy your ownCloud platform. Sometimes, we might have to install some Python packages. In case your custom module requires an external Python package that is not installed by default, you can create a requirements.txt file. In this file, you can list the Python packages your module needs.



Create a file named requirements.txt inside the root folder of your GitHub repository of the Odoo SH project. The Odoo. sh editor creates the file inside the path /src/user/requirements.txt, or the file can be created from your computer and then pushed to the GitHub repository along with the modules.

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So Let’s we can use the external python library on our custom module.

You must set the external_dependency on the file in order to use an external Python package.


Adding a Python dependency requires an increase in the version for the platform.

Let’s take an example of your module version is currently 0.1 replace it to 0.2


.Stage and commit your changes:


After that push the changes.

In Odoo. sh terminal, the terminal in your system,

Another way of method is to install a python package on sh from the Odoo sh terminal itself. You should go to the Odoo. sh, shell, and type the commands for installing the python packages.


Sometimes, we need to install a python package to install on our Odoo. sh environment. So in that case, we can use these methods to install them.


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