April 28, 2022
Odoo Appraisal module is the recognition of work for the services provided by them for a long time. Odoo platform has a separate employee Odoo appraisal module which has been defined to deal with the operations. We would interconnect this appraisal module operation to the other human resource management aspects of the Odoo. Appraisal has mainly been based on the following aspects:
  • Self-assessments: Employees need to provide their own self-analysis based on the input. 
  • Ranking: Employees are rated by their performance continuously and after that, it provided the appraisal based on it. 
  • Interviewing: Face-to-face interview with the manager of the CEO of the company discussing the appraisal aspects. 
  • Creating Employee Appraisal in Odoo 15: Installing the Odoo appraisal module from the Odoo application. Opening the Appraisal dashboard you can view the complete list of users created. There are various defaults and customizable filtering options to get respect for the employee.

Dashboard of Odoo appraisal module given in the figure: 

To create a new appraisal for the employee, Select the create option and create it.

Then the creation window is formed In the new window, therefore the user can select the employee on which the manager, job position and the company will be updated.
  • Looking at a status bar in the profile view you can know the stage of the appraisal. It could be To Confirm, Confirmed or Done.
  • You can confirm an employee for appraisal by selecting the CONFIRM button.
  • Appraisal requests will be sent to the employee through an email by selecting the option SEND BY EMAIL.
  • After that, A window will pop up, where you can have to write the email body and send it to the employee.
  • Employee’s Goal, you can view the details of the goals that the employee has to achieve and assigned.
  •  Along with these goals, you can view their deadline and the progress percentage.
  • Once your goal is complete, then you will receive a badge called Done in view.
  • After that, you can create and set the new goals for the employees
  • Then, You can schedule meetings with the employee and also check the already scheduled meetings.
  • By selecting the Meetings tab next to the Employee’s Goals, you can view the schedule.
  •  Then, It displays the calendar view of the employee’s schedule

General Configurations:

The main feature of Odoo15 is that you can configure the features that a module provides as per the requirements of your company.

  • In the Appraisal module, you can configure the Feedback Templates and the Appraisal plans.
  • Feedback Templates are those which need to be sent to the employees to answer the questions related to the work.

Appraisal Analysis: 

  • In conclusion, In the Odoo appraisal module, you can generate the appraisal analysis reports by selecting the Reporting tab. They display the analytical and graphical reports of the appraisal of the employees belonging to different departments in the Gantt view.
  • You can view the report in different categories such as To Start, Appraisal Sent, Done and creation by selecting them from the Filter options. Also, you can group the report based on the Employee, Department, Status or Date.
  • Above all, you can even check the appraisal analysis of a specific Day, Month or Year.
  • The report can be viewed in the Gantt, Calendar, Graph and Pivot view. Similarly, From the Pivot views, you can copy the statistics to your excel sheet.

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