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Products Management in Odoo 16 Sales App

Odoo has become the best choice for most businesses as it can handle multi-purpose and complex needs of the company in a...


Lock Confirmed Orders in Odoo 16 Sales Module

A file produced for a vendor via way of means of specifying the services or product facts is a sale order. It is workabl...


Overview of Contacts module in Odoo 16

Contact management is an essential aspect of any organization or business firm. Leads, employees, customers, vendors, su...



Today let’s check the features of the “Notes” module in odoo15. Odoo Notes is a module that can be integrated with other...

Consignment-blog (1)

Odoo Consignment | Inventory Module

If you are running a retail business, you must be familiar with the term consignment in stock. For those who are unaware...


Overview of Odoo IOT Module | Internet of Things in Odoo 15

Over the past 300 years, the industrial world went through three industrial revolutions. It all started with the steam e...

Live-Chat-using Odoo15-

Live chat support in Odoo 15

 Live chat support in Odoo 15 is considered a good platform for bringing new leads and opportunities. By implementing th...

planning module in odoo

Planning module in Odoo15 | Odoo Modules

Planning Module plays a fundamental role in every business. Here, the planning module in Odoo 15 helps to plan the proje...

Odoo Sign Module | Sign in Module in Odoo 15 - An overview | Odoo 15

An Overview of the Odoo 15 Sign Module | Odoo Sign Module Management

The Sign module in Odoo 15 is mainly designed for signing documents digitally. Within a short time, we can sign the requ...

Odoo Lunch Module | Lunch Module in Odoo 15 | Odoo lunch management

Lunch Module in Odoo 15

Lunch management is used to manage employees, food orders like lunch, meals, etc. Sometimes a company will provide emplo...

contacts management app | managing customer supplier contacts in odoo

Managing Customer and Supplier Contacts Using Odoo

Keeping your contacts in one centralized place is much easier than storing the information using multiple methods, which...

Odoo Documents Module | Odoo 15 Document Management System | dms

Odoo Documents Module | Odoo 15 Document Management System

Regardless of how big or small, any business relies on documents to function, but if you still use paper for all your co...

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