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Benefits of using Maintenance module in ERP | Maintenance Request and Management with Odoo 15

Benefits of using Maintenance module in ERP | Maintenance in Odoo 15

An important aspect of corporate management is the proper administration of Equipment. Getting a complete picture of an ...

Purchase Module in Odoo

Purchase Module in Odoo 15

Purchasing management refers to the management of an organization’s buying process and related aspects. Purchase m...

Leave Management in Odoo 15

Leave Management in Odoo 15

Leave Management  Leave management is one of the major areas in any organization. A leave management system, also known ...

odoo open erp customization companies in dubai dubai | how to customize odoo erp | odoo erp customization | odoo customization | With over a decade of experience in Odoo ERP implementation, Bassam Infotech guarantees efficient Odoo customization support to our partners. For more details, (+91) 88912 49995 or mail to

9 Steps to Find the Best Odoo ERP Customization Company? | Checklist to Choose the Best Odoo ERP Customization Company

Odoo ERP customization is a critical process for any business. Choosing the right ERP and effective ERP customization de...

What is Odoo ERP system? | Bassam Infotech Official Odoo Partner | odoo erp | odoo software | erp software | odoo implementation

What is the Odoo ERP System?

Odoo ERP System is a set of different modules, where each module will have its own characteristics and functions, but al...

Best Odoo ERP Development company | Leading ERP Software Development Company | Odoo Company | Top ERP Company | Bassam Infotech Official Odoo partner

Best Odoo ERP Software Development Solutions and Services Company | Why Bassam Infotech the Best Odoo ERP Development Company

Enterprise Resource Planning Software always performs the tasks that it is directed to do. It helps to start the first s...

Bassam Infotech the Leading ERP Software Solutions provider | Official Odoo Partner | Best ERP Software | top erp systems

Bassam Infotech the Leading ERP Software Solutions provider | Official Odoo Partner | Best ERP Software

Trusted ERP partner, Bassam Infotech takes the lead in ERP implementation and its accurate service. With 24 years of exp...


Benefits of having Odoo ERP for the Mining Industry | Bassam Infotech Best Mining Software

Precisely, mining is the process of extracting any mineral from the earth. Different types of mineral industries are bei...

odoo hr | odoo Advanced ERP Systems With The HR Module | What can an odoo ERP system do for HR? | odoo HR Software | odoo HR ERP | Human Resources ERP | odoo Payroll ERP | odoo HR Management software | odoo HRMS | odoo HR Payroll Software | Best HR Software | payroll erp | top erp | odoo small business hr software |odoo free employee management software

Odoo ERP Hrms The Right Tool for Integrated Employee Management | Best HR Software | HR ERP | Payroll ERP

Greeting your professionals the professional way is an art where Odoo Human Resources ERP stands by you with cutting-edg...

erp accounting software

General Ledger Accounting Odoo ERP | ERP Accounting

Preparing financial reports and balance sheets will no more bother you. We bring you the best ODOO ERP Accounting soluti...

Importance and Benefits of using Bassam Infotech ERP for the Real Estate Industry | How to choose ERP software products | Elements of successful ERP implementation | Best Real Estate Erp Software | Erp for Real Estate Business | Erp software for Real Estate Company | Commercial Real Estate Erp

Importance and Benefits of using Odoo ERP in the Real Estate Industry | Best Real Estate ERP | Commercial Real Estate Erp

There is rapid development in domestic economic construction. The large-scale enterprise in economically developed regio...

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