GITEX 2022 Dubai: What To Expect From Bassam Infotech

October 4, 2022

The world is gearing up to enter a digital universe and embrace a digital economy. GITEX Global 2022 is paving the right track for industries across the globe to take a smooth ride to the digital universe. Bassam Infotech, a leading ERP service provider enrich visitors with expert knowledge of ERP solutions.

All technology giants like Microsoft, Dell Technologies, Huawei, AWS, Lenovo, and Nokia are set to present their innovations and exhibit their technologies at the GITEX 2022. Similarly, start-ups and small ventures from all continents are also joining the rally. The most innovative companies in the world will present their latest innovations at the Expo. Bassam Infotech is one among many companies reaching the UAE. To unveil the technologies that are expected to transform the universe into an extraordinary platform.

GITEX helped the UAE to emerge as a technology hub and a platform for innovations.

Bassam, a leading Odoo Customization company in the UAE, is excited to take part in a highly applauded and awaited technology platform. The success of GITEX ever since its launch in 1981 is an attestation of its popularity. Launched to provide the digital world and the citizens with a platform for endless growth. Technology Week has helped the UAE to embrace digital services. Similarly, the smart cities and digital explosion in the UAE are the outcomes of GITEX. We are happy that our team can join the event and present our innovations and interact with the visitors.

The large-scale shift of business to eCommerce platforms after the post-pandemic and the emergence of new customer satisfaction techniques gives immense opportunities to the participants of GITEX 2022. Bassam, an ERP Company with 25 years of experience, will present its innovations and ideas to get a grip on the market. In the same way, technology embraces can rightly pick their perfect technology partner and get insights into technological advancements.

GITEX is a futuristic event that offers a wide range of opportunities for tech enthusiasts to present their fascinating technologies. GITEX is introducing two new events- Global DevSlam and XVERSE in 2022 acknowledging the success of Ai Everything. Blockchain summit, FinTech Surge, and other events held in 2021.

 Global DevSlam

Global DevSlam is an event that brings together developers and technology experts from 170 countries.

Experienced and emerging developers, coders, programmers, data scientists, software professionals DevOps experts, and others will take part in the four-day event. Conferences, workshops, and certified training programs show the future-oriented initiatives of GITEX. Similarly, the event assures a platform for learning labs and hackathons.

Visitors or delegates reaching the venue can explore the technologies. Learn about the developments, and debate with experts to enrich the ecosystem.


Are you visiting Dubai World Trade Centre to watch the Event? Then, Global DevSlam is a must-watch event for all. The four-day event ensures the participation of tech experts in the world. The biggest platform for the meet-up of the international coder community and development professionals, Global Devslam is supported by Microsoft, Oracle, Red Hat, and others.

Global DevSlam focuses on hackathons and conferences. Conferences focus PyCon MEA, Cloud Kubernetes, Quantum Computing, DevOps, and Javatalks. Likewise, the Ai, ML, &Blockchain DevOps, and Metaverse, NFT & Gaming will also be covered at the DevSlam.

What Bassam Will Do At GITEX?

Bassam Infotech is joining the efforts of the UAE Government to strengthen the programming community. Bassam values the initiative and is happy to explore the international event. We are joining the expo to enhance our skills and display the innovations and talent of our team.

GITEX 2022 will witness the first ever Global DevSlam that aims at providing a platform for learning skills and gaining talent by forming a coding network.

Team Bassam will join the network of top coders, software developers, and scientists to help the visitor community enrich its knowledge. Bassam, one member of the community of software experts, will display the latest innovations in the ERP sector and guide the visitors through the developments in the IT industry. Bassam joins the first venture of GITEX which joins the public and private enterprises from the technology world to highlight the emerging ERP tools. Global DevSlam will help every visitor experience the pros and cons of ERP solutions and other types of applications and choose their perfect tech partner.

Bassam, being an Odoo partner, can provide ERP solutions beyond boundaries. The team can help visitors from any part of the globe. As Odoo ERP permits the use of different languages and locations. The ERP service providers can help the business groups identify the best ERP tool. And get a quick idea about ERP customization, ERP implementation, and ERP integration. Similarly, team Bassam guides the users on data migration and training to employees of the organization.

Today, we can proudly say that we have a strong team of Odoo developers who enjoy getting their hands dirty to work through ERP issues and fulfill business requirements.

Likewise, to manage the complete ERP system so you may concentrate on business expansion.

Our team is gearing up to offer help and knowledge to all on the advantages of ERP. And the use of the tool. Besides, excellent reporting and KPIs You have access to all the information you require.

We thoroughly comprehend the business value for your organization as the foundation for how we build, assess, and justify technology ERP solutions. Your complete happiness with our services is what we aim for. Whatever it takes, we’ll do to satisfy you. No hassles or issues.

GITEX is a once-in-a-year opportunity for all. Even if you have nothing to do with technology or software solutions. You can benefit from the Expo. The expo is not just for coders, but for the commoners and business ventures who can make their business or life effortless by embracing technology. Global DevSlam is also expected to offer 1000+ job opportunities to young job aspirants. So, don’t miss out on the event.

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