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August 12, 2020

Managing school works is a cool game with Odoo, and play it cool. Bassam Info tech’s Odoo Educational Management System has come in handy to do away with tedious paperwork. Get associated with the Best Odoo Partner, and we will develop the best School management software to ease your administrative operations.

Forget about falling behind the fast-growing education sector. Customized Odoo ERP School Management software can easily lessen the management workload and challenges related to schools, colleges, and universities’ administrative wings. It will be a cakewalk with our best School Management Software to handle student details or faculty registration. The Best Odoo Educational Management System will also help prepare the schedules for admissions, exams, and other management-level functions.

Why Odoo Educational Management ERP System?

Student data management

Are you Finding it tough to sort out the student details and prepare an easy-to-access database? Odoo Educational Management System is the best answer.

Class-wise and department-wise details of students and their attendance can be collected and sorted out quickly with the Best Odoo Education ERP. Our Odoo ERP application also helps to update academic and non-academic achievements and parent details.

Staff management

Handling details of teaching and non-teaching staff double the routine tasks of many institutions. Schools, colleges, and universities with several staff members can rely on our Odoo ERP to manage their details, salary, performance, and other aspects in a very easy way. Reviewing the performance of staff members and pay revision will also be simplified with our Odoo Educational Management System.



Toss away the complicated manual admission process. It is time to lap up the easy-to-use Odoo tool for clearing the admission procedure.

Beginning from the distribution of the application form to selecting candidates can be coordinated and recorded with the help of our Odoo School Management Software. Interview date, grades in the previous class, performance in the interview, and test can be easily listed using the software to complete the process quickly.

Exams and assignments

Managing exam timetables, student marks, assignments, and project details have become much easier with the Odoo School management tool. Being the Best Odoo Implementer Bassam Infotech offers customized services to meet different educational institutions’ requirements.


Put away the concerns about transparency in finance management. Documenting fee payments, disbursal of salary, maintenance of expenses, and payment clearance process becomes easier with Odoo ERP Educational Management System.

Networks of Educational institutions do not have to maintain separate software for each institute. With our customized service, we offer a solution for groups of institutions to maintain segregated records and documents.

Facilities and Transportation

Tracking maintenance work, preparing purchase lists, scheduling work periods, and setting long-term goals can also get the magic wand of Odoo Education ERP Software. Details of buses, drivers’ details, and GPS tracking can also be monitored with the Odoo School ERP tool’s help. Having the readiness to maintain long-term relationships with our clients, we offer constant help to update the software to meet your needs.

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