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Top Three Benefits of Implementing Odoo Erp Software

When we evaluate potential ERP Software for clients, especially in the small and mid-market, Odoo ERP is one of the most popular and one of the most effective ERP systems for companies in that space. Odoo ERP is used to be called open ERP, which is an open source ERP Software, and it is one of the few open source ERP systems that are viable and scalable for high growth companies. Odoo ERP Imenhances the overall efficiency, increase transparency in workflows, centralized Data, Enhances Customer relationship Management, Enhances Purchase Management, Efficient Product Management, warehouse management and much more.

Top Three Benefits of Implementing Odoo Erp Software


One of the biggest advantages of Odoo ERP is its flexibility. It is built to be very modular and flexible. You can implement parts of the solution, or you can implement the entire solution, and it gives organizations a good way to grow into the ERP Software, so they don’t necessarily need to bite off the entire system and unlike its bigger ERP Software counterparts, it is something that can be implemented piecemeal. And it allows you to grow into the ERP Software, and not only does that modularity provide maximum flexibility, but so does the fact that it is open ERP which means you can access the source code you can change the software more easily than you can some of the other ERP systems in the marketplace. And it also allows for easier integration of some of the other systems out there. So if you need any third-party systems to bolt onto your core ERP Software, it makes it a bit easier to do that, so if flexibility is something that you value as an organization, then Odoo ERP can be a great option.

Ease of Use

One other thing that I really like about Odoo software is its ease of use. It is something that is not too hard to figure out, and it doesn’t require a huge amount of training to get used to. It is pretty simple and has a clean, slick GUI or user interface. So in terms of adoption and changing your organization and your technology, it can be a bit easier for organizations to learn and a bit more intuitive. In addition, it allows for non-technical types to support and maintain the system long term, so if you need to integrate with other systems or if you need to change the general workflows of the general fields of the system, it allows non-technical types to be able to do that, so ease of use is something that’s also a value to Odoo ERP.

Low Cost

In terms of cost and total cost of ownership, in particular, Odoo ERP leads the pack. In terms of its total cost of ownership, and part of that is because the software itself is generally priced lower than a lot of systems out there, it is not free. It is not completely open source in that regard, but it is something that typically is priced a bit lower than other systems. Out there, it is also one of the only ERP Software, if not the only enterprise resource planning system where you can actually try it for free you can try a limited version of the software for free to get a handle for the look and feel, which is a pretty nice way to test it out and see if it might fit your capabilities or just to get a general feel for the product and then when we look at the total cost of ownership including the cost to implement the product that costs can tend to be lower than other ERP systems as well because of its ease of use and its ease of implementation, so all those things considered are something that gives Odoo ERP a leg up against much of its competition as it relates to the total cost of ownership.


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