Benefits of using Maintenance module in ERP | Maintenance in Odoo 15

February 16, 2022

An important aspect of corporate management is the proper administration of Equipment. Getting a complete picture of an organization’s needs and machinery can be challenging. For machinery to function optimally, the components must be managed and viewed individually. Making sure your Equipment is well-maintained ensures a continuous increase in productivity. Odoo Maintenance module is an excellent tool that allows you to oversee and manage all of your Equipment for any hassles or equipment clutter.

It is important to consider the maintenance module as an essential tool for improving the management of your business’ products and machinery. By using the maintenance module, you can improve the health and productivity of your machines.

By ensuring the health of the machinery, you can plan and use the machines more effectively. In addition, the module is easy to set up and use with your business and machinery. Using many machines in the manufacturing industry makes it a significant industry.

Odoo 15 Maintenance Module offers a dashboard that provides information about internal maintenance. Among its features are an easy-to-manage maintenance calendar and Kanban views of the activities. In addition, the Odoo maintenance module offers you drag-and-drop facilities. Maintaining your instruments regularly gives you the best support for their optimal operation. It speeds up processing maintenance requests for the different wings.

Odoo 15 Maintenance Module

The above image shows the dashboard view of the Odoo Maintenance Module in Odoo 15.


Manage Equipment for the Equipments tab in the Maintenance dashboard.

As shown below, when you select Machines and tools from the drop-down menu, the Equipment page of the Maintenance module will appear.

Equipments tab in the Maintenance dashboard

As you can see, all the equipment is listed. In addition, the Equipment Management page appears when you click on one item of Equipment.

Equipment Management

The Equipment is constructed and configured by clicking the EDIT button. Then, click the CREATE button on the Equipment page to create a new piece of equipment. The configuration page appears as illustrated below.

Maintenance Request

Enter the name of the Equipment in the Equipment name box to start the process. Next, select the category you want within the Equipment category. You can also select a maintenance team and a technician from the Technician field.

You can select the Equipment used by a specific Department, Employee, or Others.

Then, choose one option to apply it. If you have chosen an Employee, you can choose a specific employee. Similarly, you can select options Choose a location for both the Equipment and the Work Center. Click on the Work Centerfield to select the Work Center from the drop-down selections. By clicking on the save button, you can save the Equipment.

Maintenance Request

Request management and maintenance requests can be stressful. Therefore, the Odoo 15 Maintenance module has a dedicated section for maintenance request management. To access maintenance requests, click on the maintenance request menu under maintenance.

Request management

The above image shows the maintenance request view in Odoo 15. By using three-star emoticons under the requests, You can prioritize the request.

Click on the Create button to create a new maintenance request.

new maintenance request

The above image shows the maintenance request form.

You can specify the request name, the user who created this, Equipment, team, the responsible user, and other details.

You can also rate the priority of the maintenance Request by rating it using the Star emoticon next to ‘Priority.’ There are two types of maintenance requests Corrective and Preventive Maintenance.

Preventive Maintenance

We consider standard maintenance procedures and operations preventive maintenance. By scheduling preventative maintenance activities ahead of time, you will allow the machines to operate at maximum capacity and prevent them from suffering unexpected damage.

Corrective Maintenance

It’s normal for machinery to develop faults and issues even with regular maintenance. Corrective maintenance plays an important role in addressing these machinery issues. I will notify maintenance of the problem and will address it immediately.

Notes and instructions may be added to the Internal tab of the configuration tab.

After providing all the details, click on the Save button to create the maintenance request.

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