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December 29, 2020

To stay different in the industry is the craziest dream of any aspiring entrepreneur. In the field of software-based operations, the support of fitting software can let you climb to the top of the goals. At Bassam Infotech, we have an array of solutions to help enterprising entrepreneurs scale their heights. As specialists in understanding development needs, we can zero in on your priorities, suggest you the best business management software, and streamline all your multitasking goals with utmost precision and timely achievement. Whatever the industry, the Odoo ERP can do wonders for achieving your targets. Things that you try to manage the manual way can be automated with just a click. In effect, the strenuous jobs which you execute with several hours of manual labor can be a cakewalk for trained professionals in ERP.

Manual to modern business

The moment you sign up with an appropriate Odoo ERP, you just make your entry into an amazing world of e-options. Things that you usually do the manual way can be easily converted into an e-affair. The ERP can help you streamline the management of your labor resources, salary management, material procurement for manufacturing purposes, effective control over the existing stock, customer relationships, and automated communication management.

Conventional track to professional tools

The biggest setback for business growth is the over-enthusiasm in sticking to the conventional style of operations. Those who are willing to migrate to newer technologies will be quicker to achieve newer development goals. At Bassam Infotech, we have the most updated and latest tools to reach the requirements of any modern enterprise. Whatever the business, the operations can be streamlined with the selection of the most suitable Odoo ERP. Once you sign up for our consultation, you get a comprehensive idea of your possibilities, opportunities, and the untapped scope of profit generation with the best business management software.

Employee management with precision

Employees from the most integral part of any business. So, their effective management plays a crucial role in the successful functioning of any firm. Software-based monitoring of the employee resources will help you to bring the whole administration to your fingertip. You can easily track the performance of your employees, the time they actually spent on work, and the areas to be improved for achieving the company’s goal. In a manual setup, it will be tough to achieve such goals with precision and proof.

Trustworthy training

For the success of any industry, accurate training for the in-house staff is a must. Bassam Infotech has made enviable progress in the area, which no one can beat in terms of quality and timeliness. Our training teams are fit to make your team achieve your goals independently. Our resource persons’ long years of expertise in the industry will be sufficient enough to handle any technical concerns by yourself. Other than just the official training modules, we give value addition to the whole process, and its magic will definitely work on your requirements to do better in the future.

Single-point control

For any successful company, the management part requires prime attention. In a company with multiple branches, production units, and supply systems, controlling everything under a single roof becomes the toughest game. At Odoo, the team understands such genuine requirements and suggests you the best business process management software. It is not just suggestions but real solutions which will handhold to better growth. On implementing the custom-made Odoo ERP, you will be sure to experience the ease of a single-point control system, where the business comes to you for better control.

Effective module integration

We never leave our clients with just solutions. We stand by them with additional options to streamline the experience further to your utility. The effective integration of additional modules with the expansion of the company or business venture is offered at the most affordable package. Selecting the module is totally up to you, but we constantly keep you updated on the newer possibilities and features. On implementing such additional modules, you are also given opportunities to attend brainstorming sessions on exploring its possibilities to the full and take the maximum out of its capabilities. It also gives you the option to walk ahead of your rival runners in the business. And grasp the best possible opportunities at the best possible pace and time. At Bassam Infotech, the tech team comes to you with the expertise of over 25 years in Odoo ERP implementation. 

Easy data migration support

Data migration to the new platform is seemingly a headache for old companies that wish to adopt ERP for better growth. At Bassam Infotech, you will not have to worry about such things. As we are experts in facilitating the data migration of thousands of companies, it will be a trouble-free job for our technical team. You just need to sign up a work agreement that will define each point to be implemented. You can just stay beside and watch things taking place on a fast-track basis. The performance can be monitored at any time. The trials can be also conducted in the easiest way with the best business management software.

Expertise in different verticals

The most important highlight of our team is that we have domain expertise in different verticals. We have a panel of technicians who have experience dealing with numerous numbers of business and industrial ventures. There are also numerous entrepreneurs who constantly get in touch with us for timely updates, product improvement, and the addition of extra modules to streamline the functioning. Such domain support with people having expertise in different verticals may not be available from any amateur ERP service provider in the field.

Cloud-based support

Forget about the expense and in-house e-resources management of data if you are confident about implementing a cloud-based service. What Bassam Infotech promises you is an amazing cloud world where your operations will take place without staff technical operations from your side. We also manage your cloud world at a very economical rate. For companies with bigger expansion plans to foreign countries, such a cloud-based platform will be more handy and secure. The biggest assurance on the part of Odoo is that it will be safe and secure with our team. Zero failure reports from our valuable clients take our service dreams forward to meet more people and achieve their dreams to scale bigger heights with bigger profits.

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