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September 9, 2020

Gone are the days when milk and associated ventures were confined to the walls of village homes. Believe it, the scope of modern-day dairy ventures is far beyond the wild imagination of any amateur investor in the field. The sales prospect has grown leaps and bounds from the limited boundaries of neighborhood trade. Product diversification is now the order of the day. Mechanized production and strategic sales are further taking the industry to its greener pastures and business heights. For those who seek lucrative growth here in pace with the changing time, ODOO ERP Dairy Management Software can be a wise choice as it has many to offer from its stability for a professional operation throughout the process.

Why choose Odoo for Dairy Industry?

An efficient Enterprise Resource Planning ERP can nourish the dairy industry by integrating different operations. Odoo, being the best ERP at a low price, is an incomparable option for dairy based industry. From cattle management to the sale of milk products can be intertwined with Odoo support. It would be best if you milked the scope of the e-platform and process automation to efficiently manage quality control and sales of a wide range of dairy products.

Key Features of Dairy Management Software

  • Product development and R&D

Wipe out the worries about product development in the dairy sector. Be it a small business sector or a large-scale manufacturing unit, Odoo provides a one-point solution to all your apprehensions. The development of new product varieties and research and development operations in the industry can be brought under a single roof with the e-platform. Bill of Material management of product samples during the research period and recipe preparation time gets easy with Odoo support.

Long-term storage of R & D documents and product sample storage management gets more organized with the best ERP. Production management of cheese, milk, and milk powder, butter, yogurt, cream, ice cream, and large varieties of allied products becomes a cakewalk with Odoo ERP application.

  • Set Quality Standards

For a business major in the food industry, which deals with products with short shelf life and increased chances for spoilage, the dairy sector needs a comprehensive support system. Odoo’s quality control features are sure to help you prepare a quality checklist at different levels. The quality of the milk used for production, categorization of milk for other purposes, and hygiene management at the unit get organized with ERP application.

All quality parameters, including fat content, can be checked and assured during the production stage. Quality parameters for different products can be managed efficiently with ERP support.

  • Ensure monitoring and traceability 

There is no point in crying over spoiled milk. Taking a cue from this wise thought Odoo ERP application offers you all-around monitoring support for the dairy industry. Procurement details, procurement time, fat content, and production progress can be regulated with an e-monitoring feature.

The tracking of products based on the order number, batch number, and serial number ensures control over all work centers and units. Recall facility, even after the product reaches the market, is an added feature of Odoo. Protect the goodwill of your company by recalling products based on the expiry date.

  • Manage orders for different dairy products

Systematize and document product orders, sell orders, purchase orders, receipts, and vendor bills and bills to farmers. Odoo Open Source Dairy Management Software, with a dedicated module for order management, helps you organize all order details. The ERP solution also made auto-updating of order status and delivery status possible. Investors or managers can access quick data of orders with the cloud-based ERP.

  • Storage enhancement

Chilling unit and freezing unit management require particular focus in the dairy sector. Storage of raw milk, processed milk, and other dairy products needs a separate storage management system.

Are you worried about storage management? Odoo ERP is here to toss away all your concerns. Automated temperature management features and auto-generation of maintenance requests for the storage facility promised by Odoo give a shot in the dairy sector’s arm. Shelf management of products to avoid wastage and a checklist for hygiene management can also be incorporated into the e-platform.


  • Labeling, pricing, and measuring

A successful ERP implementation can help you grab the trust of the customers. The packaging quality of the consumables and best labeling combo and accurate measurement checks are the highlights of Odoo. Price fixing can be done by calculating the purchase expense and production expense. The detailed BOM generated by Odoo pricing supports pricing and labeling.

  • Easy compliance with Food Regulatory norms

A subsidiary of the food Industry, the dairy sector is bound to follow all food-related quality guidelines, food safety, and standard measures. The Odoo ERP Dairy Management Software enables the timely submission of quality checks and product quality parameter management reports. Alerts generation about license renewal and other legalities also become swift with Odoo software.

  • Manage purchase and sale activities

Do you find it difficult to maintain the perfect balance between sale and purchase?
  1. Odoo can support you to forecast demand and purchasing milk accordingly effectively.
  2. The management of purchase and billing can get integrated with sale activity with an ERP tool.
  3. Managing product variants based on the market demand can also be done with ERP implementation.
  4. Diversion of excess milk for milk powder production ensures longer shelf life.
  • Avoid milk spoilage and wastage.

Minimize the spoilage of milk to ensure the best return from the dairy sector. Workflow control management and transparent traceability ensure minimal wastage of milk at different levels of production. Shelf management at the inventory with Odoo inventory support also benefits you to avoid wastage because of the expiration date. It is better to plan production activities based on product life and market demand. Odoo smart manufacturing tool will give you the best support for planning with periodical data and reports.

Being open-source software, which is an ever-evolving software, Odoo Dairy Management Software can provide you with a solution for all your dairy-related worries. Every sector from cattle management to the distribution of products can be regulated with Odoo support.

Highlights of Bassam Infotech Odoo ERP for the Dairy Industry are listed below.

  1. Cattle and feed plant management
  2. Cattle health management covers vaccination routine, and health check update
  3. Workforce management and work-hour scheduling
  4. Repair and maintenance of machinery
  5. Production control based on order
  6. Cost management and finance control
  7. Ensure shipment and delivery standards


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