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Best ERP for Manufacturing | Odoo Manufacturing

July 20, 2020

Are you tired of going from pillar to post to manage your business?

 Chuck out the tedious process and embrace Odoo Manufacturing ERP software by Bassam Infotech. Our Odoo Manufacturing ERP will help you effortlessly manage your business. Odoo Manufacturing software will help you manage the procurement of materials to distribute the final product from a single point of control (POC). Our ERP software is a perfect fit for both discrete manufacturing and process manufacturing businesses.

Recognize the Features of Bassam Infotech Odoo Manufacturing ERP:

User friendly

Toss out your worries about the abundance of data entry work to run the software. Bassam Infotech being the best Odoo partner, our manufacturing ERP software is developed in a user-friendly manner ensuring minimal data entry work. Adopt Odoo manufacturing software, and it will be as simple as handling a joystick to manage your business game.

Bill of Materials (BoM)

The Best ERP for Manufacturing helps you create bills for all materials purchased for manufacturing. Bills of different materials can be compiled, and the number of products purchased and remaining in the inventory could be calculated with a mouse click. [embed][/embed]

Optimize productivity

Our easy-to-handle Odoo ERP helps clients to have insights on inventory, work center, work orders, and workforce utilization. Unwind and optimize productivity by ensuring real-time monitoring of purchases, processes, work orders, and delivery of products.

Comprehensive Reports

Take smart decisions based on the comprehensive reports prepared by Odoo Manufacturing ERP software to grow your business and customer base.

Scheduling and Planning

Scheduling and rescheduling your work is no more a daunting task. Our Odoo ERP Software for Manufacturing Industry is set to assist you in scheduling all your manufacturing processes and rescheduling if necessary. Planning of workforce and work centers, preparation of billing of materials, and tracking and managing work orders also become simpler with the best Odoo Manufacturing Software.


Quality Analysis

Join hands with the best Odoo implementation company in UAE to guarantee quality at all levels of manufacturing your products. Odoo ERP will help you introduce automatic quality analysis at purchase, production, and distribution levels.

Customized service

Being a passionate team, we offer customized ERP applications to all our clients. Discrete Manufacturers and Process Manufacturers will get the best-suited ERP tool for them.

24x7 support

Good firms rate us as one of the top 10 ERP implementation companies in 2019, and we offer 24x7 support to our clients. Our Odoo implementation company ensures you the best service and any-time client training facility. Set aside your concerns and embrace Odoo ERP to witness the steady growth of your manufacturing company. Join us, and you will forget all the hassles you faced to run the business.

To know more about Bassam Infotech Odoo ERP software for the manufacturing industry, read the Why Odoo Manufacturing ERP


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