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Best ERP for Startup Business | Odoo ERP to nurture your start-up dreams | How can an ERP help Startups? | Why Odoo ERP ?

Give the right start to your start-up for a better tomorrow. A good start is sure to bring great success to your business. For that, you have to find out the best support system for running a startup business. Many have a misconception that enterprise resource planning software is not the cup of tea for a startup business. But it is wrong. ERP can well-equip your business to coordinate different activities involved in the business. It can support you from recruiting employees to planning projects. The Best Odoo ERP for Startups is sure to help you grab success by ensuring customer satisfaction and better sale and purchase deals.

How can an ERP help Startups?

An ERP system helps your business to integrate different activities. Every wing of a startup venture from human resources management, accounts, sales, purchase, manufacturing, accounting and customer relationship management comes under a single unit with ERP support.

Many start-up ventures avoid ERP thinking that they have to invest a huge sum for implementing Odoo ERP. But the selection of a cost-effective and user-friendly ERP can set aside all your worries. That’s why Odoo ERP is preferred by a large chunk of startup businesses.

Why Odoo?

Odoo open source software solution is a cost-effective business solution. It offers improved support at a lower price that is suitable for small businesses and start-ups. Easy customization support offered by Odoo implementing companies also gives a head to Odoo.

Let’s look at how Odoo ERP can flourish your Startup Business?

  • Cost-Effective

The prime feature of Odoo is its cost. Any startup can go for the ERP spending a minor share of their investment. What is more, the use of the Odoo ERP solution can easily help you avoid wastage of money by efficient planning. Work improvement and employee management also help to save money.

  • Custom Odoo ERP for Startups

Odoo ERP tool, a customizable solution, is the best suited for every business. Experienced Odoo ERP implementation firms can easily study your requirements and prepare a tailor-made Odoo ERP to improve your business. Being an Open source software, it can be modified and enhanced to meet the specific requirements of a start-up.

  • User-friendly interface

Worried about the technological hiccups and unfamiliar software platforms? Don’t worry. Odoo offers you the best user-friendly solution. Handling your business with Odoo support is not a big deal. A user can easily coordinate the business from anywhere. Any of your employees can easily handle this software solution. And our technical team will give you training and support to get acquainted with the ERP solution.

  • Integration with other applications

Odoo is a modular ERP that enables you to choose one or more modules suitable to run your business. In case you need more features and modules in the future you can easily integrate the modules and enhance your software system. Odoo also enables integration with other applications. It can be used to manage websites, social media operations and direct marketing.

  • Marketing support

Marketing is the most important part of any business. Odoo with a dedicated Sales module enables a startup business to perform well in the market. Management of the sales team, preparing sales quotations, Sale order management, invoice generation and payment management gets easy with Odoo 14 ERP.

  • Products and Services management support

A start-up, be it product-oriented or service-oriented, can make the best use of an ERP tool to manage all products and services. The management of the product variants, product manufacturing, purchase of components, bill of material management and many other activities gets simple with ERP support. If your startup focuses on selling services, it can help to manage service tickets and sale activities. Organizing events and managing participants and customers also gets easy with ERP systems.


  •  Work hour management

What is the key to success for a startup business? Time and work hour management would be the answer to such a question. An Odoo ERP comes to your rescue at this juncture. Odoo ERP can help to estimate the time required to complete work and record the actual time taken to perform the task. This helps to improve work efficiency by analysing employee performance based on the effectiveness and productivity of the employees.

  • Manage warehouse

Increased Warehouse or inventory management efficiency can directly improve the performance of a business. It can help to manage stock, expiry date, transportation of products and labelling. The movement of a stock based on the expiry date and demand forecasting can also be done with a click if you are using Odoo ERP.

  • Schedule projects

Get the Best Odoo ERP support for planning work and scheduling projects. Odoo offers a planning module to help you plan all your works for a period ranging from a day to a year.

  • Generate Reports and analyse the performance

Report generation and visual presentation of reports make Odoo a preferred ERP. IT helps the entrepreneurs to review the activities taking place in the organization. Understanding and analysing the performance can help to improve business in the future by addressing dark areas. Sale performance, manufacturing operations, the performance of different teams, area wise performance etc can be reviewed in the form of reports.

  • Coordinate campaigns

An Odoo ERP tool can help you launch and monitor Social media marketing, e-mail marketing and SMS marketing. The response to the campaigns and the impact of the campaign can also be viewed with Odoo. The campaigns can be integrated with the website and joint use of the campaigns is also possible if you have chosen the right ERP for your business.

  • Coordinate inter-departmental operations

Communication between various departments becomes possible with the Integration of the operations. The activities of sales, manufacturing, accounting, human resources and other wings get unified. The communications channels for personal and public communication also are possible with Odoo ERP for Startups.

Odoo Implementation can assure many more benefits to your start-up business. Bassam Infotech, being the best Odoo implementing company can assure you that the Odoo ERP solution will help you in multiple ways. Below listed are a few more advantages of ERPs

  • Effective documentation
  • Customer Satisfaction
  • Manpower management
  • Manage purchase
  • Sub-contracting made easy
  • Product and price management
  • Quick accounting and invoicing
  • Manage Production

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