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How Odoo ERP benefits Meat Industry | Best ERP Software for Meat Industry | Odoo ERP Implementation in Meat Processing Industry

The charm of Meat Processing Industry is that it steals the show in the rapidly growing world of food business. Precisely, it involves the rearing of livestock to the processing of meat to different products and sale of food products. For being the major food network industries, the support of a custom best Odoo ERP Software for Meat Processing Industry is crucial for harmonizing all activities from livestock management, production, sales and customer relation to quality control.

Meat Industry management is equally a mix-up of benefits and risks. To enjoy the economic viability of the business and to perfectly assess the demand, one will have to be meticulous in the business with deliberate efforts to handle the usual hustle and bustle. From meeting local demand to export demands, the business sector requires hands-on approach in management.

How Bassam Infotech Odoo ERP benefits Meat Processing Industry?

A top ERP solution can easy address the concerns of an investor. An ERP application can offer real-time monitoring of biz activities in progress. An ERP platform can guarantee best quality check solution, product life cycle management, cost analysis and ensure customer satisfaction with the timely delivery of quality products.

Odoo Open Source Software, best Odoo ERP solution for Meat Processing Industry, promise a tailor-made software solution to the prospective investor. The ERP tool gives assistance for planning the business and improving it to further heights.

  • Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) Management

A subsidiary of food industry, Meat Manufacturing requires a complete Product lifecycle management to improve productivity and profitability in the business. All aspects of a product from the form of components to deliver and purchase by the end user gets recorded with the PLM feature. Engineering Change Order (ECO) management and documentation of all changes and routing can be done with Product lifecycle management feature of Odoo ERP.

Key benefits of PLM feature are,

  • Easy preparation of Bill of Materials
  • Recording of changes in the components used in the meat industry
  • Proper documentation of Research and Development process
  • Auto approval for quality checks and projects
  • Tracking of work flow
  • Meet Quality Control & Food Safety Standard

Is quality control management a burden for you? Then it is time to clinch the best Odoo ERP solution for Meat Processing Industry. All quality control aspects of the meat business, from the health check-up of the livestock to the expiry date management recall facility are provided with Odoo Enterprise Resource Planning Software. Odoo Open Source Software enables you to recall stock from market once expiry date is over. This avoids health hazards to the consumers and safeguard the business.

Quality management feature can help the business enterprise to comply with all food safety regulations. International and national standards can be met by introducing quality checks at different levels of manufacturing. Quality control feature helps to ensure:

  • Automated monitoring of processing
  • Temperature management, refrigeration and storage
  • Set hygiene practices and packing practices
  • Documentation of storage details


  • Farm Management

In Meat Industry, many run own livestock farms for meat production. Odoo assisted Integration of Farm Management ERP with Manufacturing ERP can play a crucial role in helping such enterprises. Feed management, breeding and by product management, and health check-up of livestock can be coordinated with the help of farm management tool.

  • Effective Cost Control Mechanism

Purchase of the livestock for meat industry to optimum utilisation of work hours and workforce can be monitored with Odoo ERP for Small Business. Work centre capacity management, manufacturing schedule preparation and report on money utilisation pave way for better cost planning.

Finest utilization of raw materials and procurement management can lead to better economic growth of the company. By-product management and waste management can also get accelerated with Odoo support.

  • Supply Chain Management

Effective supply chain management helps the industry to manage the flow of raw material and final product. ERP program ensures smart manufacturing by sorting the list of retailers and vendors and tracing all transactions. Management of shipment without hurdles and cost cutting in delivery of products can be assured with effective Supply Chain Management (SCM). The product order history, payment details and other documents help improve vending relations with retailers.

  • Infrastructure Management

Machinery for meat processing, by-product manufacturing and effective storage facility management are key to the success of any Meat Industry. Lack of maintenance and inefficient temperature control mechanism can even lead to violation of food safety standards and the subsequent cancellation of license.

With Odoo Apps, the business sector can organize the timely repair of all instruments in use. Implementation of best ERP Software for Meat Industry will strengthen the e-platform and promise overall control of the production and storage activities with a click.

  • Quick Tracking of Raw Materials and Products

The movement of livestock from the farm to the work centre and for processing and to different products gets documented with the traceability feature of Odoo. The product movement from the work centre to cold storage, packing and shipping also get documented for monitoring and future reference.

It enables lot management and batch management using barcoding feature with successful Odoo ERP implementation. Label management and tracking of the time take to shift product to storage facility is also made easy by customizing Odoo ERP.

  • Comprehensive Inventory Management

How important is inventory management in Meat Industry? Being the business of perishable goods, meat industry requires the best solution for storage management. Odoo Inventory can help you in temperature management to prevent the damage of edible products. Inventory management module integrates management of multiple-ware houses, routing, drop shipping, warning messages of PLM and shelf management of goods based on expiration date.

  • Manage Purchase, Work and Sale Orders With Ease

The Best Odoo ERP Implementing Consultant, Bassam Infotech, offers the most suitable Odoo ERP solution to entrepreneurs in the industry. Managing the payment to meat producer to the documentation of purchase order (PO), work order (WO) and sale order (SO) can also be done automatically with Odoo support. This is apart from the option to generate quotation and invoice for vendor bill management.

  • Control over Sale and Marketing

Sale and marketing management is inevitable in any business. Cloud based ERP makes the management of local customers and international buyers a simple task. Electronic data exchange, customer documents and mailing lists management, loyalty and offer management are made easy with all round communication supported by Odoo ERP.

Excited of Odoo ERP now and to ensure smart manufacturing? Definitely it will take you to newer heights and profits with all round support for coordinating total biz activities.

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