How to identify the Best ERP Vendor company?

January 29, 2021

What is an ERP Vendor Company?

ERP Vendor Company is any software developing company that engages in the creation and sale of software solutions. Like, every other business in UAE, ERP business also grows on the footholds of trust. A company that can win the confidence and trust of the customers alone will be able to survive in the long run.

An ERP service provider wins the trust of clients by offering comprehensive support and effective customer management. Time and money are two precious elements in the world of business. Cost-effective ERP support clubbed with efficient ERP solutions can undoubtedly ensure the satisfaction of the clients.

How to Identify the Best ERP Vendor Company In UAE?

Find out answers to the following queries:

  1. Are they experienced?
  2. Does their expertise match your requirements? 
  3. How do they spearhead the installation?
  4. Do they offer post-implementation support?
  5. Is there a proper delivery management system?
  6. Do they offer training and support to the employees?
  7. How successful are their ERP implementations?

If the ERP firm you have zeroed in on gives you a positive response to all the queries then they can surely be the Right ERP Vendor Company.

Why Bassam Infotech is the Most Trusted ERP Solution Provider In UAE

ERP implementation is not just a task. It is the art of planning and managing the toughest task most simply. Ensuring efficient planning and organization of all business-related tasks and projects, ERP will lend you a helping hand for completing the process with a fine touch. Bassam Infotech completes the implementation of business management software solutions in a well-knitted manner to offer the investor the best ERP support for managing their operations.


  1. Recognize the requirement
  2. Identify the scope of ERP
  3. Ensure efficient data migration
  4. Customized services 
  5. Test and GoLive

The effective completion of the process following the ERP implementation guidelines guarantees you error-free implementation in the minimum period.


Official Odoo Partner

As an official Odoo partner, the employees of Bassam Infotech are trained directly by the Odoo team, which enhances our ability to perform all ERP related tasks most efficiently. Our team members get hands-on training in ERP integration and implementation and are capable of using even the latest features.

Services offered by Bassam Infotech

ERP Vendor Company has responsibilities beyond implementation. A vendor company should provide an overall support system for the clients. As the vendor company creates software and ensures all other services, it should have the support of an efficient system to manage different operations including consultation, customization, integration, training and implementation.

Bassam Infotech, with extensive experience in the field of ERP implementation, maintains a well-trained team of professionals to manage all customer requirements. Accurate problem analysis and efficient solution development are the highlights of your favourite ERP service provider company. 

Let us take a look at what makes Bassam Infotech the Best ERP Vendor Company In UAE:

  • Experience and expertise 

Does experience make any difference? Yes, of course. Experience gives us the wisdom to correct our errors and do all the works in a perfect manner. In the ERP industry, experience also helps us predict the probable implementation and integration errors and take steps to avoid the errors. 

  • Consult for a better result

Bassam Infotech can be with you always from the moment you approach us. Our consultants come to your organization and work with you to identify your problems and requirements. The best understanding of the industry helps us to give you the most suitable tool for your business needs. 

  • Perfect Vendor client agreement 

Bassam Infotech follows a systematic method for starting an ERP business. We offer you a delivery management system that can guide you through the services offered and their prices. Our agreement will also help you follow up the process accurately as it also enlists the time frame for completing every task.

  • Bassam Infotech integrates your dreams

Your business is your dream and Bassam Infotech can give wings to your dreams by integrating every aspect of it. Your departments, employees and even work centres get connected with the efficiently integrated ERP system offered by Bassam Infotech. Dream big with Team Bassam and we take you to your dreams.

  • Successful implementation

According to ERP-related studies, ERP implementation failure is a common factor. But, when you join hands with Bassam Infotech, you can set aside this worry. By conducting research and extensive study about the organization and the operation mode, we guarantee you successful ERP implementation.

  • Personalize your ERP

Don’t sacrifice your satisfaction by purchasing any ready-made ERP from the market. Bassam Infotech gives you the choice to select your modules and offers the best customization to develop a tailor-made Odoo ERP solution. The specially designed Odoo ERP tool will guarantee you the best support.

  • Guarantees post-implementation training

Bassam Infotech prepares your employees to adapt to changes to guarantee you success. We help them use the ERP, train them and continue the support until they can make optimum use of the service. We offer stable operation by assuring three months of training to the employees after completing the implementation process.

  • Don’t worry about the cost.

Odoo ERP is the most cost-effective ERP tool and Bassam Infotech offers you this ERP at the most affordable rate. We have affordable ERP solutions for start-ups and small and medium businesses. Cost management will help you efficiently utilize your financial resources. Best service at the best price is assured at Bassam Infotech the Official Odoo Partner.

Bassam Infotech opts for long-term relationships and hence customer satisfaction is our priority. We have clients in India, UAE, Dubai, Saudi Arabia, Europe and Africa who have been with us for a long time.

  • One-point solution

We offer comprehensive support for all ERP-related requirements. Besides, expertise in different industries and different Odoo modules will help the clients find solutions for all requirements. With our experience in handling and implementing a large number of ERP solutions, we can offer support for various industries listed below.

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