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Why choosing right company to implement ERP is important | Bassam Infotech The Best Odoo ERP Implementation Partner

There are hundreds of thousands of ERP available in the market. So you will be confused which one to choose because identifying the right product is important. In fact for any ERP Implementation quality is not decided by product alone, but implementation is having a big role in it. So choosing a specific ERP is not necessary, you can choose any ERP. But to choose the right Odoo ERP Implementation Company. So what is important. Product or Partner? Both are important.

What I recommend is first you identify the right partner to implement ERP for you. You need to be very careful while selecting a partner. First of all you need to be clear on selection criteria. You should have a clear budget in place. You should know the what is your end objective after implementing the ERP. You should identify good team in your organization for Project handling.

Next Step is to identify the Product and Partner. Depending upon your budget you can go for different ERP Products. If you are big company with more than 5000 employees and your process is more complicated, and if there is no any budget constraint you can easily go with the top noche ERP’s such as SAP, Oracle and similar leaders.


If your company size is medium and employees around or less than 1000, you can go many ERP’s , but I recommend Odoo. There are many reasons for the questions why Odoo. The main reason is Odoo is an Open Source and in the market for more than 10 years and products is so stable. Another beauty is that Odoo Framework is designed in such a way that it can accommodate any kind of customization. Worldwide there are more than 4 million happy users using Odoo. Another beauty is that there are 1000’s of apps and modules and plugins available in Odoo, means for almost all the solutions there are readily available apps. Integration with third party systems can be easily handled in Odoo

Now When it comes to Implementation I always recommend Bassam Infotech The Best Odoo ERP Implementation Company. Its not only because I am associated with it, but there are many reasons which you can validate and decided.

1. Bassam Infotech LLP is formed based on vast 24+ years of ERP Experience
2. Bassam Infotech Technical team is having more than 10 years of Odoo Technical Experience and Expertise
3. Bassam Infotech team is having vast functional knowledge on various business process and has solution for each.
4. Bassam Infotech team follows unique way of implementation.
5. Bassam Infotech success rate is 100%
To know more about Bassam Infotech read the Bassam Infotech is now Odoo Partner in Saudi Arabia

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