Why An Odoo Partner is the best choice over Freelancers?

January 11, 2022

Implementation of ERP in an organization emphasizes making a lot of decisions. These choices are crucial, and altogether these decisions define the success of implementation. In the case of Odoo ERP implementation, customers always will be in a dilemma as to whom to trust or choose, Official Odoo partners (Find a Partner – Odoo) or Freelancers, in order to implement Odoo ERP Software for their organization. Often, choosing between a freelancer and an Odoo partner company becomes difficult. This web blog intends to help you out with the pros and cons of both so that you can make the right choice.

Deciding to implement an ERP software for your business and selecting one suitable ERP for your business is crucial. Once the Odoo ERP software selection is made over other ERPs, the next step is to deploy it into your business process successfully. This involves a lot of risks if you don’t choose the right implementer. Only the right implementer can successfully implement the Odoo ERP solution with necessary customization within your allocated budget. 

ERP implementation requires a talented implementer with sound domain knowledge. Domain knowledge is a must for your implementer, as this helps to foresee some risks and find an adequate solution then and there. There are a lot of updates that Odoo does on each new version. Understanding the new features of each version is also very important, as this will help reduce the customization effort.

Freelancers do the job at a low cost as compared to partner companies. But Freelancers may not provide end-to-end support or support after a few months or years. Also, it is not mandatory that the freelancer is well versed with the best practices in the industry. He/ She may have knowledge in specific areas but may not be in all dimensions.

Why an Odoo partner with you is better !!!


An Odoo Partner is a certified partner of Odoo. They will have a team with different expertise like Odoo Technical experts, functional experts, testing and training team etc. They will possess expertise in various industry verticals, and the quality of their work is commendable. Odoo partners will have expertise in CRM, SALES, POS, Accounting, Warehouse, Third-party Integrations, Project Management, Manufacturing, Migration and so on.

Freelancers normally will have only short-term relationships with their clients, and hence one can’t assess their credibility.

  • Access to Source Code

Every Official Odoo Partner will have access to Enterprise Source code, and they can even report bugs to Odoo directly. In comparison, the Freelancers will not have any access to Odoo’s Enterprise Source Code and can’t report bugs too.

Freelancers normally provide general Odoo services, and they won’t have the access or proper training to implement and customize complex functionalities.

  • Expertise in dealing with big projects

 Official partners always follow proper ERP implementation methodologies like Requirement gathering, GAP Analysis, Mapping etc. Before digging into the customization, they understand the business flow and map it with Odoo’s default features.

Freelancers do their job point by point and do not do all these documentation works and analyses.

  • Quality of Service provided

 Odoo provides the partnership only if the company passes certain criteria like certification and number of project execution etc. Obviously, this proves that the partners have been authorized by Odoo. Also, Odoo evaluates the performance and the quality of delivery of the partner companies. 

There will never be any personal dependency if you go with an Odoo partner, and there will be a team of experts allocated for each project. There will be a clear escalation matrix, for a partner company, in case of any issues.

Any software will have bugs while using it, and to get support for fixing the bugs and updating the versions and patches are very important for the smooth running of the software. This can be achieved easily through official Odoo partners as they will have an AMC (Annual Maintenance Contract) term for it. But getting support from the freelancer will be very tedious after finishing the particular work.

  • Confidentiality

Clients need to provide detailed information about their company in order to implement ERP for their company. Sharing confidential data without a non-disclosure agreement (NDA) is not recommended, and this risk is void with regard to the official partners.

Odoo Partners like Bassam Infotech possess extensive knowledge about Odoo and its framework. The domain expertise would also be impressive with a team of qualified and certified resources. So while investing in Odoo ERP implementation, Official Odoo partners would be the best choice to execute the same. A wrong decision not only cause financial loss but also it can also result in loss of confidential data. 

A company’s reputation and credibility is not an instant noodle, which can be achieved in just a few minutes. It’s a journey through mission, values, vision and so on. Checking the official partners through Odoo’s Official Partner page Find a Partner – Odoo would be the best thing before choosing the implementer. 

In short, If you choose an Odoo Partner company, then you don’t have to worry about experiencing cold feet because all are highly experienced specialists, and that’s what makes them so strong.

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