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March 31, 2023

Products must be visible on any website. Odoo 16 website module guarantees customer attention as customers can locate them and learn more about the products effortlessly. However, not every user needs to see every product. The Odoo website module offers help in creating the best website for all businesses. It assures help for managing the website, blogs, eCommerce platform, and customer support system.

Odoo’s Multi-Websites gives your company a wide range of options for client segmentation and diversification. With Odoo you can assure an increased number of customers and revenue. Odoo 16 offers an exclusive style for branding by assuring a unique branding style, domain management, header and footer, language selection, blog management, etc.

OWL Framework for customization

The Odoo Web Library (OWL) is a UI framework designed to serve as the foundation for the Odoo Web Client. The OWL is an innovative framework written to manage all the website requirements. We have our team monitor all activities to enhance the efficient use of time.

You can alter the look of your website thanks to the Odoo website module’s high flexibility. A few easy steps will accomplish this. It only requires one click to access the Pages tab. When you select the Pages tab, a drop-down menu displaying sub-menus such as Edit Menu, Manage Pages, and Page Properties will appear. The Edit menu allows you to change menu items. It allows us to manage pages. Using Odoo Software we can also focus on website page creation and management.

  • Quick design and development of the Odoo e-commerce website

The eCommerce module includes innovative features for effective website administration and design. You can easily create the ideal area for displaying and selling your products using the module’s design feature. We can find blocks to support our activities and manage the page.

Odoo’s method for website design is distinctive. It is simple to design the complete website quickly using block-like structure design functionalities. Since Odoo comes with most website design features already installed, all you need to do is choose the block layout you want for your website.

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  • The theme, snippet, and other building block management

You can design your website under the theme of your company and your goods thanks to the module’s specific function and nature. You can select the ideal theme for your company using Odoo.

Nowadays, it has become essential to design a website to match the products offered in the market. Your website development team can quickly set your theme and design the website aesthetically by using Odoo ERP. Besides, the Odoo eCommerce feature makes website design simple.

  • Implementation of new features and functionalities of the Odoo website

It has introduced many new features to the website and e-commerce modules of Odoo 16. These features allow you to create your themes as they’re extremely beneficial and easy to use.

We list the newest features below.

Enter the page with a single click, cookie permission strip, new shapes for devices, grid design, animated scrolling, new choices for styling, new menus, product filters, mobile apps, bulk uploads, product availability management, product rental management, add to cart button, back-in-stock notification. Odoo partners support your team in managing all these implementations.

  • Develops Search Engine Optimization (SEO) friendly Odoo website

The term “search engine optimization” (SEO) refers to a collection of best practices for improving your website’s performance in search engines like Google. Simply put, effective SEO enables you to attract more people.

Here are a few instances of SEO guidelines. First, your website’s pages should load quickly. Using only h1 title per page, the use of title tags that apply to the content, the use of a sitemap, etc makes the website SEO friendly. Odoo avoids the technical complexities of SEO and takes care of everything for users of the Odoo Website and Odoo eCommerce.

  • Performance testing and performance improvement solutions for the Odoo website

Your website development task does not end after creating the website. It requires proper testing to ensure that all the features selected for the website are functional. The ticket generation, live chat, product category management, product filter, and every other feature need to be tested. We can also guarantee the efficient functioning of a website only after testing its efficiency.

An Odoo partner like Bassam Infotech will assist you to test the website and improve its efficiency of the website. It can also enhance the uploading and downloading speed and the steaming facility with a few changes in the website design.

  • Payment gateway integration with the Odoo website

Consumers now choose eCommerce stores to buy different items. Hence, payment gateways are crucial components of eCommerce businesses. Integrating different payment gateways benefits merchants and customers by streamlining the user experience.

Integrating the payment method is much simpler in Odoo. Odoo comes with payment processors by default, including PayPal,, Buckaroo, PayUmoney, Stripe, and others. It can link Odoo with external payment gateways like Green Money, QPay India, CCAvenue, etc. The integrated payment gateways described above are referred to as Payment gains in Odoo.

As an Odoo company, we always commit to helping you streamline the operations of your website. Our team will support you to integrate payment gateways so that your business grows beyond limits. We will help you build your dream of transforming your website into the most efficient platform for expanding your business. Using an artificial intelligence designer, helps us create a beautiful website in just 3 simple steps.

Our team manages the use of lovely building pieces. This is done by identifying the building blocks. The substance and layout of blocks can be changed to a great extent.

Our team is creatively talented and uses color schemes. We always choose the most harmonious color scheme. For easier reading, button and text colors instantly change to match the background. Besides, we guide you to specify color gradients for button hues, backgrounds, and text.

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