How to Manage Bill of Material (BoM) in Odoo 17 Manufacturing App

June 7, 2024

The bill of material must be received prior to production in order to have a fully finished product and the bill of material odoo may provide a list of the raw ingredients needed for a certain product, the steps needed to create a bill of material are listed below.

The steps can be used to complete the process the product’s components need to be configured in the Odoo17 Manufacturing module before a manufacturing order can be generated, and a list of the parts or raw materials needed to assemble the product can be made with the Odoo17 Manufacturing module’s Bill of Material function. When a manufacturing order is made using this Bill of Material, the components listed in the applicable Bill of Material will appear immediately in the Components tab of the manufacturing order.


Choose the appropriate option from the Products menu in the Manufacturing module to produce a Bill of Material Odoo for a product. As seen in the below image, the window will display a list of BoM that have been configured. Details regarding the Product, Reference, BoM Type, and Company are available in the list view.

To begin a new BoM, click the New button


In the appropriate boxes, please indicate the Product, Product Variant, Reference, and Quantity that you intend to make.

appropriate boxes in bill of material odoo

You may produce three different types of material bills in Odoo17.In the BoM Type section, you can select from three options: subcontracting, purchasing a kit, or producing the product yourself. If the purpose of creating this Bill of Material (BoM) is to facilitate the production of this product, you can select the “Produce this Product” option.. You can sell the parts of this BoM as a kit if you choose the Kit option. If you choose the Subcontracting option, this BOM will be used by the designated subcontractor to produce the product on your behalf. We will examine each of these BoM Types in turn.

how to draft a bill of material for a manufacturing process

Let’s start by talking about how to draft a bill of material for a manufacturing process. Click the Add a Line button the Components tab to each raw ingredient needed to make the given product. Don’t forget to provide the necessary quantity of the component(s) in the Quantity area.

Under the activities tab, you can now add the activities allocated to the work centres to finish the product’s manufacture. Using the corresponding button in the tab, you can duplicate the activities currently associated with the product. Alternatively, you can select Add a Line.

add a line tab - odoo bill of materials

A pop-up window detailing the specifics of the operation will appear. Name the work centre and the task that has to be n the appropriate fields. You can add product variations in the Apply on Variations section if the operation applies to them.

add variation - bill of material odoo

how to modify the Duration Computation

You can modify the Duration Computation to meet your needs. Your two options are to calculate the operation’s duration using recorded time or to set it manually. This is where the default duration will appear. You can use the Employee capacity parameter to specify how many employees needed to finish this task. You can add the procedure worksheet as a PDF, Google Slide, or text document. In addition to this, fill in the space provided with a description of the procedures used in the operation.

Odoo17 lets you change the sequence in which the work orders are completed if you pick the Work Sequence Dependencies option from the Settings menu of the module. The order in which the operations are carried out can be found by clicking the Operation Dependencies button under the Miscellaneous tab of the BoM.

miscellaneous tab in bom - odoo bill of materials

Manufacturing Lead Time.

This is the typical amount of time need to produce a product. The lead times for component manufacturing will rise in the case of a multi-BOM. This can be used to figure out when parts need to be transported to the subcontractor if the product is subcontracted.

Days needed to prepare a manufacturing order: To ensure you have enough time to produce semi-finished goods or restock components, make sure you create and validate production orders well in advance.

Under the By-products tab, you can add the main product’s associated by-products.

by-products tab- bill of material in odoo 17

When purchasing observes that a “Manufacture” route has been specified, it will attempt to build a manufacturing order for a product using a Bill of Material Odoo with the same operation type. Last but not least, you can create an analytical account to keep an eye on the BoM’s earnings and expenses.

The finished BoM configuration can help you while you’re putting together a production order for the related product.

analytical account- bill of material in odoo 17

Operations Performance Smart is going to measure and report on the length of the work order associated with this routing. To get a general overview of the BoM, use the Overview smart button, as seen below.

smart button - bill of material in odoo 17

Details on the Product, Operations, Quantity, Free-to-use/on-hand, Availability, Lead Time, Route, Bill of Material Cost, and Product Cost are all included.

A product that can as a complete unit is one that assembled as a kit from many components. You will prompted to choose the type of bill of material when constructing one. This is where the Kit option appears. It allows you to assemble the parts into a kit and market it separately from the other products. Each component impacted by any modifications made to the kit’s inventory. You can configure a product in the products menu by naming the kit and setting the Route of Operation to Manufacture, as shown in the image below.

kit and setting the route of operation manufacture

how to generate a bill for the primary product

To generate a bill for the primary product, go to the bill of material Odoo configuration platform. Go to the Components tab and make a list of every product component after choosing the Kit BoM Type.

the kit bill of material type interface

Once the Kit is configured, you can create a sales order to sell this item. You can choose the main product in the sales order’s Order Line.

product in the sales order'sand order line.

Once the sales order has validated, review the delivery order to view the list of individual kit components on the operations page.

Using the inventory module, any parts that are missing when the validated sales order can added.


It is not necessary for the business to manufacture every part of the product itself. You can appoint a subcontractor to create the parts while you concentrate more on assembling the parts you’ve previously purchased by using subcontracting. The subcontractor will maintain an on-site inventory of raw materials. Go to the Settings menu and turn on the Subcontracting feature to add it to your Manufacturing module.

how to subcontracting feature adds it to manufacturing module

Once this functionality is enabled, you may make a new Bill of Material Odoo for the product by choosing Subcontracting as the BoM Type.

new bill of material odoo, product by choosing.

You will be able to enter the Subcontractor’s name in a new field. To make your requirements easier for the subcontractor to understand include the raw material and their quantities under the Components tab. You can create a buy order in the acquire module and get it from the appropriate subcontractor after establishing the subcontracting product.

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