Calculating probabilities in CRM module in Odoo16

November 11, 2022

Basically, probability means chances. Here in Odoo, it depends on the success rate of an opportunity.

Go to the configuration and settings in the CRM module in Odoo, where we can see an option for predictive lead scoring. The success rate is based on certain factors or fields in the pipeline.


Any communication with a customer or maybe a customer that a sales team maintains can be termed as a lead. A lead could be a phone number, an email id, and so forth Once you have leads, the next task is to identify their level of interest. These can be done based on different attributes. The attributes are.

1. The geography of the place where the lead lives or lives.

2. The company of the lead

3. Email success rates

4. Predictive lead scoring.

Geography of the place:

The geography or the climatic condition of the place where the lead lives depends on the chance of transforming the lead into a customer.

Company details of the lead:

The type of the industry in which the lead works can be identified and also other company details will contribute to identifying the level of interest of the lead.

Email success rates:

It depicts how many emails remained unopened and also identifies the level of interest of the lead about us.

Predictive lead scoring:

Using some numerical values, identifying the level of interest of leads is the lead scoring task. Predictive lead scoring is one of the attributes which contributes to lead scoring.


Under predictive lead scoring, we can find different fields such as phone quality, email quality, and so forth These fields were already present in the predictive lead scoring. if we want, we can add or remove these fields. The areas that will automatically compute probabilities are state, country, phone quality, email quality, source, tags, and language data. These fields automatically calculate the probability of closing an opportunity.

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After we are done with the changes, we can confirm and move on to the process. So these fields depend on the success rate and also reflect the probability value.


Here at first when we are going to create a record, we can see the probability value is 7.92%. This value is based on the previous success rate based on the there are two fields in the CRM module in Odoo. lead model based on this probability. They are:

1. Probability

2. Automated probability

First, we will discuss automated probability.

Automated probability is near the probability field and appears as a gear-like icon. There is a boolean related to automated probability. If this boolean is true only, the automated probability disappears and only it disappears when the value of both the probability fields are the same.

automated probability

So we can conclude that if the automated probability and probability are equal, only the value of probability changes with the state unless it doesn’t change till its own stage. If the opportunity stage is won, the probability will be 100% else if the opportunity stage is lost, the probability will be 0%.


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