Calendar Module in Odoo15 | An Overview

June 30, 2022

The calendar module of odoo15 helps you efficiently manage all schedules and activities in an organized way. This module can record all your yearly, monthly, weekly, and daily business activities in a systematic way and it also helps you to record all the business tasks and appointments.

Let’s take a detailed look at the Calendar module

Here we can see the calendar view is divided into a daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly basis. We can see the option for changing the view at the window’s top. We will display all the meetings and scheduled programs on the respective date in this window.

If you select the annual calendar, you can see an overview of all the programs scheduled for a full year. Suppose  it is a monthly calendar. All schedules scheduled in a month marked on their respective dates will be displayed. When you select the weekly schedule, we can see the programs scheduled in the selected week. And the daily calendar will give you an overview of all the programs scheduled on the corresponding date.

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You will get the details of the respective program just by clicking on that scheduled program.

This module also gives us the provision for modifying the details inside the program scheduled.

On the right side of the window, we can see a list of responsible officers.

Attendees option

The add attendees option will help you add attendees to this platform.

Configure new meeting

For configuring a new meeting, just click on the corresponding date. You can see a pop-up.

Add more meeting details in the calendar module

Enter the required details in this pop-up. Enter the subject of your meeting here.

You can easily add more details about the meeting just by clicking on the edit button.

Reminders and Notifications

You can see a provision for adding attendees to the meeting. Then specify the starting and ending date of the meeting. You can send them reminders in the reminders field so that all the attendees will get notifications regarding the meeting. If your meeting should be scheduled every day, enable the All-day field in this window. You can assign a person as the meeting’s organizer in the Organizer’s field. Also, you can add a description of the meeting in the respective description field.

Next, we can move to the Options tab.

Here, the recurrent field can be activated. You can configure the meeting as Public, Private, or only for Internal Users in the privacy field.

In the Show as a field, you can see different options such as Busy and Available. You can select it as Busy to let others know you are not available. Also, we can set Available to let them know You are Available at that period.

Then click on the Save button for saving your new meeting on the calendar.

This module also helps us to view this in the list view where we will get different details like subject, start date, end date, location, attendees, and duration of the scheduled programs. By clicking on the three dots shown in the top right corner of the window when we choose the list view, we will get the additional options.

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