• Burundi Cement Factory (BUCECO) is the sole manufacturer and distributor of cement in Burundi. They are manufacturing mainly 42.5R and 32.5R Cements varieties. They are importing their raw materials from outside Burundi and manufacturing the final product from their production plant. They have specific quality checks which the finished product needs to be passed and then the distribution/ sales happen. They also need to maintain the machinery which has been used in the plant/site.


  • Manufacturing, Trading

Solution Provided:

  • Odoo ERP Version 14 implementation and necessary customization

Apps Implemented:

  • Purchase, Inventory, Sales, Accounting, Manufacturing, Quality, HR & Payroll

Problem statement:

  • BUCECO was producing and exporting a large volume of Cement and the cost of the same was not proper. They were in a need of an automated solution for costing which adheres to their workflow. Also, they were in urgent need of tracking their employee’s day-to-day activities, shift management, Roaster management, and batch-wise payroll generation.

Reason for Choosing Odoo ERP Software:

  • BUCECO finalizes ORION ERP initially and started the implementation procedures. They went ahead with ORION ERP software but in between the implementation stages, they faced issues with customizations. The customizations which BUCECO required were not able to meet with ORION ERP and hence they dropped the project. 
  • After that BUCECO was in search of various ERP vendors and they have considered SAP B1, Odoo ERP, Oracle E-Business Suite and so on and selected Odoo ERP software. BUCECO had so many complex customizations in costing sheet and roaster management, and after going through all the mentioned ERP’s they found Odoo ERP as the best suitable and cost-effective solution.

BENEFITS of implementing ODOO ERP Software:

  • Provided Automated solution for Costing as per BUCECO’s business requirement with proper overhead calculation
  • Provided Consolidated reports generation for Accounting, Sales, Inventory, and Purchase
  • Streamlined Roaster management