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intercompany transactions in odoo15

Inter-Company Transactions in Odoo

Intercompany transactions are a very important aspect in a multi-company configuration of an ERP. One company might purc...



Contact management is very essential for any company or organization. Odoo contacts module helps to save all the contact...


Odoo Helpdesk Module | An Overview

Odoo Helpdesk Module is used for coping with client troubles with an intention of improving efficient customer managemen...


Referrels in odoo15

Employee referral is one of the hiring channels for the company to find employees, Odoo referral is the proper method fo...


Odoo Live chat module and visitors configuration | Odoo 15

A business thrives when it communicates well with its customers, resulting in good marketing. The Odoo 15 platform allow...

how to create server actions.

Server action Odoo 15 | How to create Server Actions

In Odoo, ‘Actions’ can be defined as the behaviour of the system in response to the user’s actions. There are diff...

working with approval module in odoo 15

Working with Approvals module in Odoo 15

In every organisation, there will be multiple employees, and for the better functioning of the organisation, they will c...


Odoo Venue Booking Management ERP Software | Implementation of ERP

Odoo venue booking or event booking module comes up with a set of attractive features to reduce the workload of arrangin...


What services does Odoo provide? |Odoo Support

One of the most repeated queries in the virtual space these days is about the most trusted and popular Enterprise Resour...


Fastest growing Odoo ERP implementation company in the US, UAE and India

The capabilities of a firm in the ERP field can be measured easily with the time it has taken to achieve covetable growt...

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