Coupons & Promotions in Odoo 17 Website

May 24, 2024
coupons and promotions

Coupons and promotions are useful business features that consistently provide fabulous results and gain more customers. This strategy is used in the website module of Odoo 17. You can set up new promotions and coupons in Odoo according to your business needs. For this, you should enable the Coupons and Promotions option in the Settings of the Website.

Let’s navigate to the Settings in Odoo 17.

Can access the Promotion and Coupon program menu under the Products tab of the Odoo 17 Website module.


You can view all the coupons and promotion programs added to the website together with their websites, status, and companies, You may share these promotion coupons with your customers as shown below.

You can click the New button in the upper left corner of the window to start a new promotion program.

Let’s analyse the promotion and coupon creation program. Program Name is something you can enter for identification. Subsequently, the promotion’s terms and conditions can be established for both customers and products. For this promotion, we have options to make it based on customers as well as products. You can choose the minimum quantity of the product that is to be sold to receive the specified reward.

In addition to this, two options for Promo usage in Odoo like redeeming codes and generating rewards automatically. There is no need for a code when the promo is triggered by the system automatically.

We can choose the Website and the maximum number of sales orders for which a reward can be given. In addition to this, you can assign a start and end date for the coupon program.

You can specify whether a reward is applicable under the Rewards section.

There are different methods to apply these rewards as

  1. Put a Coupon on Your Current Order and Apply.
  2. Discount – A particular discount will be applied to the orders
  3. Free product – The specified free product will be sent with the order
  • Free shipping. – Free shipping will be applied for the order
  • A discount can be applied as a fixed amount or as a percentage. The entered fixed amount discount will be applied if
  • the discount amount is configured in the promotion program. Similarly, the percentage discount is applied if the percentage is configured in the promotions created. Additionally, discounts may be applied in different ways like to the entire order, the cheaply priced goods, or individual products.

You can use the Free Product option in the Reward section to give out free products.

Giving Free Shipping as a reward is another option. The buyer is exempt from paying the delivery costs for the order that they placed through the website. you can save your promotion program by selecting the SAVE option after customising it.

Coupon Programs

Odoo Website module’s Products tab where we can configure the Coupon programmes for the website. Shared a screenshot below for this


Here we can view the Name, Website, status, Company, and all of the Coupon programs described. The NEW button can be selected to create a new Coupon Program. Below shown is the coupon creation window.

The methods for creating the Coupon program are nearly similar to the Promotion program.

Customers will receive coupons and promotion offers when they purchase from the website, where the product they are purchasing is qualified for any rewards or discounts.

As shown in the picture below, it will be generated during the check-out process.


This is all about promotion and coupon programs in the Odoo 17 website module module.

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