Create Loyalty Programs in Odoo 16 | Gift Cards, Loyalty Cards and E-Wallets

September 7, 2023

A growing number of people are using digital wallets to simplify purchases and alter how they shop. As a result, customer shopping practices have altered. Through a customer loyalty program, customers can earn rewards or points that can be redeemed for gift cards, cash off future purchases, or other advantages. By rewarding customers for their loyalty with exclusive deals and promotions, loyalty programs are an effective way to increase repeat business and draw on new customers.

A consumer’s propensity to do business with a company, even when it would be easier or less expensive to do so with a different company, is known as customer loyalty. Loyalty programs are intended to encourage repeat business from customers. Boost customer satisfaction and retention rates, and expand your company. Gift cards are a cheap way of advertising that might aid in keeping clients’ memories of your brand. Plastic cards come with wallet-sized advertisements, and virtual gift cards provide online shoppers with ease and communication.

Customers can store awards, redeem presents, get special discounts, and get in touch with customer assistance via the eWallet app. Companies can use the app to send out specialized offers and exclusive promotions to build strong ties with their customers. Companies can also provide incentives to entice users to download the app and spread the word about their business.

Using Odoo 16, configuring the gift cards, loyalty cards, and e-wallets

To attract customers to the business, the Odoo system connects gift cards, loyalty cards, and e-wallets with eCommerce stores. You can examine the Configuration tab of the Odoo website module to develop these appealing features. You can access them by selecting the “Settings” option under the “Configuration” section. The “Settings” part contains numerous settings tab sections, including website information, shop payments, shop checkout procedures, shop products, and shipping, among others.

As seen in the screenshot below, select the “Shop-Products” settings option to customize and manage promotions, coupons, loyalty cards, gift cards, and eWallets.  


We may access pre-configured Discounts and loyalty programs on the dashboard page by clicking the “Loyalty Programs” link. These programs are listed in a list format according to the Program Name, Program Type, Items, Website, Point of Sales, and Company.


Using the “NEW” option, you can start a new discount or loyalty program. The relevant program configuration form will be displayed when any dashboard item is opened, as illustrated below.


You can access precise information about the discount/loyalty program and manage or edit information from the settings form. Additionally, administrative users may create additional discounts by clicking the “GENERATE COUPONS” button in the top left corner of the form. By selecting the “Coupons” smart button on the right side of the form, you can see how many coupons are now available. We may now talk about creating new gift cards, loyalty cards, and e-wallets in the in-depth session that follows.

Loyalty programs creation

The “Loyalty” portion of the “eCommerce” menu on the website platform allows users to create new gift cards, loyalty cards, and e-wallets.


There are two options in the “Loyalty” section, including “Discount & Loyalty” and “Gift Cards&eWallets.”

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The development of new discount and loyalty programs

A new configuration form will appear after choosing the “Discount & Loyalty” option, as seen below.


You must edit the name of the discount or loyalty program in the “Programme Name” column, and you must choose the “Programme Type” from a drop-down menu that includes “Coupon, Promotion, Loyalty Card, Buy X Get Y, Discount Code, etc.” Choose the program’s validity by picking dates on the calendar provided in the “Validity” line, then select the appropriate currency from the “Currency” box. By configuring the information in the “Limit Usage” column, users can determine the program’s usage cap.

Include information about your company in the “Company” section. Selecting the “Available Options” option enables access to the loyalty programs in the selected options, such as Point of Sale, Sales, and Website. By stating the brand name of the Users can restrict the publishing of the loyalty program. To only the relevant website by entering the website address in the “Website” box. Users can also restrict the publishing to specific stores by entering the store names in the “Point Of Sales” area.

Rules & Rewards Tab

Using the “ADD” button, you can add purchase or sales criteria to the “Conditional Rules” section to specify the rules and regulations for the specific offer program.

A new condition configuration popup box, as in the screenshot below, will appear after clicking the “ADD” button.


In the “Minimum Quantity” section, you can specify the minimum number of valid coupons or gift cards to be used, and in the next line, you can provide the maximum purchase amount to be used for the program. The “Products,” “Categories,” or “Product Tags,” which are covered by the Loyalty Program rule, may also be included. Save the conditional rules using the “SAVE & CLOSE” button, or use the “SAVE & NEW” button to add a new condition.

Developing Rewards

The “ADD” button beneath the “REWARDS” section will open a popup window titled “Create Rewards,” as

displayed below.


By choosing the “Reward Type” from the dropdown area in this window, you can configure new incentives. In the “Discount” line, enter your discount %. Select the suitable option to offer a discount on the “Order,” “Cheapest Product,” or “Specific Product.” Additionally, under the “DISCOUNT” page, you can specify the “Maximum Discount” offered as a perk. In the “Description” field, the reward’s description can be changed. To save the rewards, utilize the “SAVE & CLOSE” option.

Making New eWallets and Gift Cards

A new feature is available in Odoo 16: a menu specifically designed for managing gift cards and eWallets. The new Odoo16 Website module contains the functionality of the eWallet. Select “Gift” under the “Loyalty” heading under the “eCommerce” menu.eWallets & Cards” option. As seen in the graphic below, the platform presents a list of gift cards and eWallets together with details on the Program Name, Program Type, Names, Website, Point of Sales, and Company.


The “NEW” button, which opens the form view shown below, can be used to create a brand-new gift card or e-wallet.


In the “Program Name” field, a program name can be typed. In the “Program Type” section, you can also select the kind of program you want to create. It might be a gift card or an eWallet. When a customer orders a product that contains a gift card, gift cards are either manually created or automatically generated and sent through email. Users may also use gift cards to pay for orders. After choosing the Gift Card program type, you can also use the Gift Card Products field to activate product IDs.

To use when telling the client when they are qualified for the prize, post an email template for this gift card in the “Email Template” area. printing the generated choose the “Print Report” option when using PoS gift cards. You can choose the currency that will be used for this gift card’s transactions by entering it in the “Currency” column. Then, after determining the “Company,” you may choose from the options and enable the ones that apply to make this gift card available at the point of sale, sales, and website. There are other options on this platform where you can specify the pertinent “Point of Sale” and “Website.”

Save the data after providing the required information.

Making new Gift Cards: The “GENERATE GIFT CARDS” button makes it simple to make the required amount of Gift Cards. Pressing the button will cause the popup window displayed below to appear.

Gift cards can be created for “Selected Customers” or “Anonymous Customers,” depending on the selection you make in the “For” section. If you want to create gift cards for Selected Customers, Odoo will provide additional fields to designate the “Customers” and “Customer Tags”. You can enter the necessary number of gift cards you need to make by entering it in the “Quantity to Generate” area. Include the points awarded to customers in the “Gift Card Value” section as well. By choosing a date from the calendar dropdown menu, the “Valid Until” section will allow you to specify the expiration date for these freshly customized gift cards.

The “GENERATE AND SEND GIFT CARD” button will then cause the specified quantity of gift cards to be generated.

You may from the “Gift Cards” smart button, you can check how many gift cards are available.
“Gift Cards” The dashboard for all the gift cards generated as part of this loyalty program will be opened by the smartbutton.

It is possible to access a list of all gift cards, which is organized by gift card code, balance, expiration date, program, and part number.

Sending the Gift Cards: The “Send” option is present next to each gift card field and allows administrators to email the gift cards. a pop-up window containing an email body with the gift card and card code is shown. Change the email address and click “SEND” to send the gift card to the chosen recipient.

Sharing the Gift Cards: You may share the gift cards via URL links by clicking the “Share” button on the gift card field.


The gift card can be shared on that specific website if the website ID is typed in the “Website” column.

E-Wallet creation

The eWallets are created manually or automatically when a customer orders a product using an eWallet. And eWallets are suggested as a method of payment at checkout.

You may easily make eWallets by following the same procedure we used to produce gift cards. The eWallet option is included in the “Programme Type” field.

You may easily make eWallets by following the same procedure we used to produce gift cards. The eWallet option is included in the “Program Type” field.


Fields and descriptions are almost the same as well. In order to complete the necessary fields, such as “Program Name,” “Program Type,” and “e-Wallet Products.” You can select the e-wallet’s availability from the “Available On” tab, and you should also supply the “Email Templates,” “Currency,” and “Company.” Save your e-wallet data after choosing the appropriate “Website” and “Point of Sale” in the corresponding areas. To start creating a new wallet, click “GENERATE EWALLET.”  


The “Customer” section allows you to pick or change the customer’s information. The “Customer Tags,” “Quantity to Generate,” “e-Wallet Value,” and “Valid Until” options should all have the relevant information added. Clicking the “GENERATE EWALLET” button will allow you to add new wallets. The newly formed eWallets can also be viewed and managed using the “EWallets” smart button.

In the Odoo 16 Website Module, we went into great detail about how to create new gift cards, loyalty cards, and e-wallets. The Odoo 16 website application platform allows business-focused website owners to easily build specific offers, promotions, exclusive deals, and other loyalty programs.


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