Customization of Documents Module in Odoo 16

March 20, 2023

Odoo has a default documents module. This documents module comprises all the documents in all modules.


This is the documents module and we can upload different documents under each module. Here we can see on the left side part, different sections are there. This is the Kanban view of the document.

Here talking about customization, we can add a documents log menu under the configuration tab. These documents log should contain all the documents attached to each module. When we attach the document to the sale, that document should be seen in the documents log.

  • So for that first, add attachment_ids i.e, a many2many field in the sale, purchase, and almost all modules. So that you can attach the documents required for the proceedings of every module. Also, add a raised error if no document attaches.
  • So we have to add theirs. attachment view to the documents logs. so we should be able to see almost all documents attached to each module.
  • Also, please avoid the system files in the documents log. when we switch the Kanban view of the documents log to the list view and open the form view, we have the download option. So we can download the document from the form view.

This is one customization in the Odoo documents module.

Another one is we can develop a module called documentation where we can import documents related to a particular directory.

The documentation module consists mainly of a document directory, VDRL(document master), document transmittal, and ECR management. First, when a project is created in the project master, something create concurrently a document directory against that project.



This is the project master and, for example, now created a project named PROJECT when clicking on the directory we can see a directory against that project created. So here we can see the directory created(Directory of PRO.23.005). This is the directory. Here we can enter the approval code and approval status and also there are two buttons: download template and import template.

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Then click on the download template and then a template.

Here we give the document number, and document title, then for the document category, there is a category master under the configuration menu. So you have to create a category for the document.


So only this created category can enter the template. Enter the created category.

Then save the template. Then import this template by clicking on the import template button and then an option to upload the template appears and upload the template. After a record of the document created with the details in the uploaded template.


Here we can see a button box of documents and display count 1 because only one document is uploaded into the document master.


This is the document master, and this is one record and this kind of many documents is imported into this master. So in this way, we can develop another module of the document other than Odoo’s default document module.


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