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December 28, 2022

A chatterbox is a communication tool that is available on most of the record screens in Odoo. It could send emails and messages, add log notes, and even add scheduled activities, etc. Added messages, emails, and scheduled activities can be seen in from the chatter at a glance, so the user could track all the details from there.


In most cases, like in Sales, Purchase, Invoices, etc, while emailing using the button available in the form view, a notification of the mail sent is to be added to the chatter where we can able to view the contents and attachments of the mail.


As these data will be shown to the different followers and users, there will be some cases where mail notifications need to be deleted from the chatterbox.

We can delete these mail notifications from the mail chatter Odoo, and thus this notification will be permanently deleted from the chatters.


 Let’s now check how this is to be achieved.

First, we can enable the developer mode from the general settings. Then move to.

Settings -> Technical -> Discuss -> Messages. Here we could see all the messages which have been created from the chatter.


Like, we can see all the mail notifications created from the particular records when we are sending the mail.

mail-notifications-createdThe messages created for this mail notification are shown below.


So, suppose we want to delete the particular mail notification from the chatter. Here, we can delete the messages related to the mail from here, resulting in removing the mail notification from the particular record.

removing-the-mail-notificationAs per the above image, we deleted the message created for the mail notification from chatter related to the sale order. So when we can open a particular sale order, the mail notification from the chatter Odoo will be deleted, and it won’t be visible in the view.

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