Effective fleet management using Odoo 15

March 16, 2022

The Odoo Fleet Management Module is a perfect solution for all worries your company’s fleet operational concerns. An efficient fleet management system will help the business to manage all vehicle-related operations like repair, maintenance, etc. The Odoo Fleet module is a platform for handling vehicle contracts, vehicle costs, vehicle insurance, various orders, and vehicle fuel book entries in the most efficient way. With just a few clicks, you can be confident that you have control over everything related to your fleet. This is necessary to effectively manage your company’s fleet.

First, you have to install the Fleet management module from Odoo –> Apps. After installation, you can see the Fleet in Odoo. Then go to the Fleet module; you can see the below view. This Odoo Fleet Management System window gives you a complete picture of your vehicle. You can view your vehicle’s details in list view. To create a new stage, click the Add Column button and enter all the required details.Then you have to create a new vehicle ,Click on CREATE on top left corner of your view.Under the Tax Info tab, you can see Fiscality and Contract groups fill necessary detailsUnder the Model tab in the Vehicle creation window you can see Model and Engine groups, it allows you to show details such as model year, transmission and colour. And You can also define engine details such as horsepower, power, fuel type, vehicle carbon emissions, and carbon standards.Use the Notes tab of the Create Vehicle window to record other information about this vehicle. Similarly, the window displays various stages of the vehicle’s operations on the top as NEW REQUEST, TO ORDER, ORDERED, REGISTERED etc.

After entering all the details, click on the Save button. Newly created vehicles will be added to the vehicle list according to the selected stage.

After the creation of the Vehicle, you can see Driver History, Contracts, Services, etc.

Then click on APPLY NEW DRIVER Go back to the Vehicles Page, Click on Contacts Tab on the top right side you can see all details of the vehicle contract.And the contract stage is IN PROGRESSClick on the Close Contract button stage changed to Closed. then click on the RESET TO DRAFT button stage become change into INCOMING and start your contract. See the below view. The Third menu available under the Fleet tab of the Odoo Fleet module is the Services menu. Fleet -> Fleet -> Services.Then go to the Services window, as shown below. The list view in the Services window contains dates, descriptions, service types, vehicles, drivers, providers, notes, costs, and phases. And also you can see this in Kanban, Graph and Pivot. To create a service, click on CREATE button. In the service creation window, you need to enter details such as the service description, service type, billing date, vendor and vehicle details, driver so on. We can write other information about this service in the Notes field. After filling out this form, you can click the Save button to save the details.

Then go to Fleet -> Fleet -> Odometer.You can click on this Odometer menu to view the below window.The Odometer window lists the readings of the vehicles. An Odometer is a device used to measure the distance travelled by a vehicle to determine the correct distance and mileage. And mileage is the most important dataset in fleet management. If not managed properly, it will adversely affect the entire fleet management process.In this list, the view comprises Date, Vehicle Name, Driver, Odometer Value, and Unit. If you need to view the reviews in Kanban and Graph format, you may click on the respective icons on the window. If you want to create a new Odometer click on CREATE button.Enter the values and save.Then Go to Configuration Menu,you can see a setting menu,by clicking on that menu In the Odoo Fleet Management Module Settings window, You can set a date in the Contract Alert End Date option to send alert messages prior to this end date. You can set the number of cars in the New Vehicle Request option.

Then you can go to Fleet -> Configuration -> Manufacturers. You can view this into Kanban and list view. Click on Create button, create a new type and add an image Then go to Fleet >> Fleet >> Configuration >> Vehicle Models

Here you can view any vehicle model available for your company, and the number of vehicles for each model is also displayed. If you want to create a new vehicle model, click the Create button.Go to Fleet >> Fleet >> Configuration >> Model Category

Now you can see the list of Model Categories.You have to create New Category, click on CREATE button Under Reporting Menu, you can see the Cost Analysis window, which will record the Total Service Cost, Total Contract Cost, and Total Cost. You can generate the report in graphs by clicking on these reports.

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