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Importance of Employee Appraisal using Odoo 15

Whether it’s a small business or a large corporation, the important aspect is giving employees appraisal based on their service provided. Nowadays, ERP simplifies the process of appraisal for employees. The importance of Odoo appraisal is that it benefits employees regularly by evaluating their performance periodically. By using odoo appraisal, you can,

Easy follow-up: The list of all employees status or whole company’s status can see

Calendar view: find tracking of upcoming evaluations and send reminders to correspondents.

Exportable answers: easily convert evaluation to printable pdf from.

You can install the appraisal module from odoo apps. It is integrated with the odoo employee module. After installation, you can see all the list of employees from the appraisal menu. Moreover, you can instantly create an appraisal from the dashboard of the appraisal module.

Employee Appraisal using Odoo 15

All of the created appraisals can be seen from the appraisal menu, and also, you can also filter the created record based on department, company, status, as shown below.

Odoo 15

By opening the one of the appraisals from the dashboard, you can see the employee, manager, appraisal date in the form, and 3 tabs named as appraisal, skilled, private note. The appraisal has 3 states as to confirm, confirmed, and done. Under the appraisal tab, you can see 2 spaces for the manager and employee feedback. For confirming the appraisal, by clicking the confirm button, the appraisal will be confirmed. You can send appraisal requests to employees by clicking on SEND BY EMAIL BUTTON.a pop will open and type the message to send, and the email will be sent to the corresponding employee.

Appraisal management in odoo

At the confirmed stage of appraisal, the skill tab will be activated. From the skills tab, it includes the skill that the employee have along with skill level and progress justification. By analyzing the percentage of skill level and progress justification, you can easily understand the employee’s talent in each skill.

odoo employee

Employee Goals

At the top of the form, you can see the button Employee Goals. Employee goals are work assigned to employees to evaluate their performance. By clicking the EMPLOYEE GOAL button, redirect to the employee’s list view of their goals. For the creation of new goals, click on create button.

Employee Goals

Enter the goal name and select employee, and their manager and deadline can be set on the deadline field. The progress field is to track the progress of the goal and is denoted as a percentage. Under the description tab, you can add any description. By click on MARK AS DONE button to complete the goal.

Create Meetings

After the EMPLOYEE GOALS button, you can see the MEETING button from the form. You can check any meeting is scheduled or if you want to schedule a new meeting from this button. From the calendar view, you can select the date and time of the meeting and also select the attendees of the meeting. There is SHARE AVAILABILITIES option to share the meeting’s date and time to attendees.

Create Meetings

At the confirmed appraisal stage, the ASK FEEDBACK button is used to mark employee feedback. Click on this button, redirect to a pop-up and select a survey template. The survey template consists of the questionnaire for the employee’s feedback and select recipient, which is the employee do you want to send feedback. In the description field, you can enter any description and also have the option to attach the document in this form. After sending feedback to the employee,thier response can be seen from the top of the form.

human resource

By clicking MARK AS DONE button to make appraisal in the done state. If the manager wants to change appraisal, a REOPEN button makes appraisal from done to the confirmed state.

Automatically generate Appraisals

You can automatically generate appraisals by setting plans from the configuration of the appraisal menu, as shown below.

Automatically generate Appraisal

After 6 months, the next appraisal will be automatically generated by this time period.


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