How to benefit from Employment Skill using Odoo 15

March 19, 2022

Employers are an inevitability of any business. The employees in our company contribute to our company’s efficiency and make better decisions. By using Odoo Employee Skill Management, you can manage employees in your organization.

Therefore, when recruiting and assigning duties to employees, companies need to record the complete details such as the employee’s resume, previous work experience, educational qualifications, skills, the projects they undertake, etc., instead of merely gathering information. With the help of Odoo skill management, you can manage the skills and resumes of an employee. By using the Odoo skill management module, users are able to describe and manage the skills their employees possess during their employment.


Navigate to Apps to install a skill management module. After installing the skill management module in Odoo, you will be able to see a few add-ons in the employee module.

Go to the Employee module and create a new employee.


Here, you can see a new tab with resume and skill details. One can add resume details and skills under the ‘Resume’ tab. To create a resume entry, we need to first create resume line types.


To create the resume line types, select Employee >Configuration >Resume >Types >Create.


Add a line and then click on the save button to save the record.

Now navigate to employee master, then click on CREATE A NEW ENTRY.

odoo employee management

A new popup window will appear where you have to enter a title, type, start date, and end date of your resume lines, and then click on save.


Additionally, you could list the experience of your employees, the projects they took, their hobbies, etc. An example of the resume view for employees is shown below.

skill management


To add skill to an employee, click on the CREATE NEW ENTRY in the employee form.

employee form

Here, you can choose a skill type from the available options. Additionally, the user may choose the skill required for the respective entry and the level of operation. As the level describes operations, the status is automatically displayed in accordance with the definition.

odoo 15

The user can edit the skill type by selecting the external link available for that skill type. Additionally, different levels of operation can be assigned to a variety of skill types.

odoo skill type

The user can create a new skill type by typing in the name and selecting the create option available, as shown below.

create option available

The respective skill type description window appears. When the user creates the skill type, the user can define the skills and the respective achievement levels.

employee management

Moreover, the skills defined are displayed inline with each skill type in the employee description window, and it is possible for the user to delete the lines and to add new ones by selecting the add option.

employee description

According to the skills and resume lines from the long list, the Odoo platform also recognizes the news to derive the right employee.

Within the employee menu of the module, a custom filtering option is available to filter out employees with specific skills. You can select the custom filter and choose skill filter to find out the employees.

Odoo Skill Management Employee Skill Management in Odoo 15

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