Why is ERP important for the Solar Industry?

September 23, 2020

Solar power is all about abundance. Tapping solar power can help you change your future. Energy management software has become the favourite choice for many to invest in the non-conventional energy sector. Unending resources for power production helps the solar industry to generate energy for domestic and commercial use continuously. Financial support from the government and various organizations has made it a major business zone. 

The rise of the solar industry to one of the most prospective business sectors has made it a competitive world. The industry mostly deals with solar panel manufacturing, installation, power management, and other operations.

Why is ERP important for the Solar Industry?

Investment in the solar industry is on the rise every year. A smart investor looks for the best support system for running the business among many players in the field. Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) can assure you of the best solution for solving all business-related concerns. It can manage different aspects of the small business sector by coordinating the workforce, managing finance, preparing business plans, and organizing various business operations.

What makes Odoo the Best ERP?

Odoo is a software system that is being constantly developed and enhanced by many young engineers. Considering the needs of different industries, the Odoo developers have contributed many modules to the software solution. All these modules, which can be integrated with one another assures the effective operation of the software solution. 

Odoo ERP for Solar Industry makes any small business a cool game. It can support research and development in the sector and interlink other customer relations activities to service management. 

Real-time monitoring of operations

Get the real-time report of the power generation in industry-controlled power units with the ERP tool. The power generation data will help in improving the technology and analyzing the power generation trend for different areas. The software support can help get accurate data on energy generation and energy consumption; It can offer support to keep watch on all sectors’ operations. Daily report generation on the efficacy of the marketing wing, expenses per day, and sales activities can be managed without difficulty using the Odoo tool.

Effective surveillance of the workforce

The efficiency of any business depends on the effective use of the workforce. With an ERP application, all operations of the workforce get monitored and recorded. The employees’ working hours, work schedule management, and effective work hour calculation can do with the support of the custom ERP solution. The leave management of employees, insurance system coordination, and other activities get systematized with top Energy Management Software.

Product Management

The packing and delivery of solar products can do effortlessly if you depend on the service of ERP consultants. It can give you an effective system for streamlining the packing, transportation, and delivery of equipment for domestic and commercial customers.

Organize manufacturing

The manufacturing process depends on the product demand. Revenue can be ensured if the manufacturing is planned based on market demand and orders from the clients. ERP system implementation helps the investor to collect inputs from the retailers and direct customers. 

Manage orders for solar panel installation

Order management is a tough task unless you have an efficient ERP for organizing everything. The best Energy Management Software has the features to document, sort out, and manage orders. Every order, including manufacturing orders, purchase orders, and sell orders can be managed with a click. The production can also be planned based on the order.

Budget plan and management

Every business requires proper planning and budgeting for its success. Someone can plan effectively the budget with the help of statistical reports from the previous year. The report will help forecast market trends and buying preferences of the customers. It will help in planning the products for manufacturing. Infrastructure development, the allocation for research and development, and human resources management can also be calculated quickly with our Leading Energy Management Software. Odoo, the open-source software, offers Odoo Demo for all modules; this helps the users understand the system’s use and operation easily.

Auto-generate data-based report

Data management and effective use of data for analysis purposes is the key highlight of Odoo ERP solution. The data management and report generation facility helps to realize the actual expenses and revenue. It can also support you in ensuring transparency in business. A cloud-based Solar Industry ERP can easily collect and document data from different sub-centers. It will also help the investor study the revenue generation pattern at different units. Identifying the ups and downs and flaws in the business also becomes simple with ERP support.


Cloud-based coordination of operations

Odoo modules can function online and offline. Power interruption or internet connectivity issues will not affect the operation. The cloud-based system will automatically record documents from different departments. It will also help to manage the operations of the solar power plant in the industry. Model plants and the plants operated by the solar company for the customers can be managed effortlessly using cloud support. It also ensures quick operations of all departments.

Maintenance Management

Are you finding it difficult to manage the service and maintenance of solar panels and other instruments? We offer you the best ERP solution to toss away your apprehensions. Odoo ERP helps customers to report their complaints quickly. The software solution will help the company list and sort the service requests. It will help the company allocate service requests to different service teams and ensure the speedy completion of work.

Customer Management 

The customer support system of Odoo is very flexible. It can help you get the best support system for improving customer relations. Constant communication with the customer can be ensured with Odoo CRM. 


Odoo implementation will protect you from feeling the heat of the solar business. With high-end software support and security features, Odoo brings you the best business partner in the software’s form solution. ERP implementing companies offer tailor-made energy management software to meet all your requirements.

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