Enhance your Customer Experience with the Odoo Platform

October 10, 2023

Customer satisfaction is crucial for any business, as it ensures uninterrupted operations. To stand out in a fiercely competitive market, businesses should focus on enhancing customer experience and satisfaction to provide tailored solutions to their customers and address their needs.

The business should prioritize enhancing customer satisfaction and loyalty rather than attracting new ones, as word-of-mouth advertising remains effective and can help attract new and potential customers.

Odoo ERP is a popular business management solution that offers specialized tools for both online and offline operations, enhancing the shopping experience for businesses.

Over 5 million Odoo installations and users exist worldwide, thanks to its effective business management modules and operational tools. The latest version, version 14, is expected to be faster and more sophisticated, with the new version, Hoverer, expected to be available by the end of the year.

This blog post focuses on how Odoo ERP may improve your customers’ buying experiences at your business.

Odoo offers solutions to improve the shopping experience for customers, including options for e-commerce websites and retail operations, enhancing the overall customer experience. The following are some ideas presented by Odoo to enhance the purchasing experience customers have with your business:

Coupons Program

With Odoo, client coupons may be created and configured for use in retail operations as well as e-commerce platforms. The coupons program can be started with the aid of marketing campaigns, and clients can receive the coupons in person or by email. The user can enter the coupon code to receive a discount or unexpected presents for their purchases, enhancing the shopping experience. Additionally, these coupons can be categorized according to how much money was spent using them.

Wishlist Option

The wishlist menu that is offered on the website can be enabled and disabled in the e-commerce platform powered by Odoo. The consumer looking for things that can be purchased at a later time will find this option to be quite helpful.

Compare Option

Similar to the wishlist feature that you can enable for clients to utilize on your company’s e-commerce website. By using the compare option, website visitors will be able to compare the various products that are offered and base their purchasing decision on the product descriptions that your business has supplied for the products.

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Different payment acquires can be defined

The Odoo platform lets you establish different payment acquirers, enabling your online store’s clients to make payments using a variety of localized payment acquirers. The Odoo platform has built-in payment acquisitions being defined that are all the popular ones in operations worldwide. You can also set regional ones that will add up to the customer.

Portal access to customer

By using the credentials that have been given to them and approving them each time they log in to the site. The consumer can be given portal access to the e-commerce platform. This enhances the capability of the user to modify the portal’s e-commerce webpage in accordance with their preferences without affecting the standardized data. Additionally, this personalization tool will improve the purchasing experience for customers.

Live chat functionality

With the aid of a unique live chat widget management module, the live chat feature of Odoo has been defined. Here, you can specify several operational channels that can be put to use to help clients when they make purchases through the company’s e-commerce platform.

Loyalty programs The Odoo platform enables you to create loyalty programs that will serve the company’s customers. These programs enable users to accumulate points through the purchase of goods and services, which can then be converted into gift cards or discounts. Additionally, these points can be set up to be traded for gift items from the shop.


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