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July 29, 2020
  • Preparing financial reports and balance sheets will no more bother you. We bring you the best ODOO ERP Accounting solution to ease all financial transactions and documentation.
  • Balance sheets, financial reports, invoices, and other account-related documents can be prepared in an instant with our ERP Application.
  • Collaborating with the best ODOO implementer, you can toss out your doubts about recording financial transactions.
  • Our ERP Application helps you sum up and analyze the financial document. The preparation of the budget, account report for a period, and preparing profit-and-loss charts are faster than ever with the ODOO ERP Accounting solution.
  • Organize cash flow chart, payment history, and complete purchase history documentation with a click with ODOO ERP. Filing accounts receivable, accounts payable, payroll details, and billing to become swift.
  • Bank Reconciliation

  • Do you find it tough to match your balance sheet with that of the corresponding bank account? Leave the task to ODOO Accounting and take a breath.
  • As ODOO enables, you to maintain electronic data of all the transactions. The balance sheet is always ready and organized.
  • Calculation errors or missed entries will no longer be trouble. The bank account synchronization will be an effortless task.
  • ODOO also enables you to connect easily with a bank account or PayPal account to ease payments and cash flow.
  • Finance Analysis

  • Analysis of budgets, and expenses, and preparing financial reports are trouble-free with ERP Applications. Preparation of legal statements or executive summary becomes prompt with ready-to-access cash flow chart, payment details, and purchase history.


  • Bills/Expenses/ invoice

  • Preparing bills for purchased goods with details of GST is done automatically, Above all tax for goods can calculate from different states with a few clicks. We require minimal data entry for preparing professional bills and invoices for customers.
  • It is doing expense management based on profit. And raising alert messages with tailored Accounting ERP.
  • It also did inventory management and cost assessment speedily. Besides, it made tax declaration simple with our ODOO tool.
  • General Ledger

  • Quash all apprehensions related to debit and credit account management. Profit and loss reports for a period or financial year. They are prepared without effort by ODOO Accounting and General Ledger. Real-time data entry to the ERP Application helps to generate profit-and-loss reports without extra work.
  • Managing assets of the business, adjusting inventory, sales, and staff payment. It also comes in useful with the ODOO tool. Besides, we can link our customized ERP with Purchase, sales, and inventory ERPs.



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