Odoo vs SAP Comparison | Advantages of Odoo Over SAP

September 3, 2021

What is the most significant thing when you implement an ERP for your business? Make sure that your ERP can enhance your business and ensure continuous support for future development. Of course, choose the perfect ERP that can ease the business management tasks. 

It is not always practical to replace the ERP every year to meet the market demand. Hence, the best practice is to go for a growing ERP for your growing business. Before choosing the software solution, evaluate the performance of different ERP applications. We have to analyze the performance of the ERP in a particular area as well. Contacting the Best ERP implementing agencies for ERP consultation can help you analyze your requirements and decide the best ERP for your business.

What Should You Consider While Choosing An ERP?

ERP implementation is an expensive process in most cases. It requires a considerable investment of money and time. Apart from the charges for ERP license, the investor will have to pay for consultation, training and other processes. So, whenever you choose an ERP, your first consideration should be the investment and the quality. 

As we do not frequently change the ERP, it is more significant that we go for an ERP solution that can have a long-lasting partnership with you. It is also essential that there should be proper implementation and maintenance support. 

Vendor selection is another criterion that you have to be aware of. Only a trustable ERP implementing company should be chosen to ensure round-the-clock support and emergency assistance.

Odoo ERP and SAP are two ERP solutions that have been in the market for a long time. Before choosing one among them, we can take a glance at the significant features and functionalities of these two applications. 

What is Odoo ERP?

An Open source ERP application, Odoo is a cost-effective software solution developed by Odoo SA. It has been developed based on a modular structure, making it easier to choose only necessary modules. Starting the journey in 2005 as Tiny ERP Odoo took its final shape in 2014 when the company named the ERP as Odoo.

Odoo has two editions. Community Edition is available free of cost, and Enterprise Edition requires nominal payment.

What is SAP?

SAP was developed from the Xerox business computing division. A reputed ERP in the proprietary category, SAP was first introduced in the market in 2002. 

Being a proprietary ERP, SAP requires a license and the lowest costing ERP support from SAP is SAP Business One. 

Odoo vs SAP Comparison

SAP had been a leading player in the ERP market for a long period. Odoo caught up on this momentum of SAP steadily with new features and cost-effective support. Odoo has slowly become a leading player with the ERP solution that suits businesses of varying magnitude. 

SAP is a costlier ERP solution compared to Odoo. It is more suitable for large enterprises. Despite the attempts of SAP to introduce SAP One for small and medium enterprises, the absence of customizability and license requirements continues to hamper its popularity among small and medium business ventures.

Being proprietary software, SAP requires the support of experienced and skilled professionals for implementation and customization requiring investment. Odoo Community can be implemented and used with no additional expenses. 

Odoo and SAP offer similar functionalities and features. The difference here is the low-cost support from Odoo. Besides, Odoo is constantly improving software that enables the updating of the ERP without replacing the ERP.

Advantages of Odoo Over SAP

Odoo, with different modules to manage various business operations, can be customized to suit the needs of all industries. We can use Odoo for hospitality, health care, education, manufacturing, logistics, point of sale, eCommerce and all other sectors with ease. Website development, event management, accounting, and human resources management also become effortless with Odoo support.

  • No License Fee

Anyone can access Odoo Community Edition without paying the license fee. Community edition, like enterprise edition, gets updated every year, making it the best ERP platform for small businesses and start-ups. Odoo Community has all the basic functionalities required for the basic operations of a business. 

  • Immense Scope For Customization And Integration

We can customize Odoo for all types of business operations. Customizability helps to reduce the cost and increase efficiency. Integration of this tool with other applications and payment gateways make it a favourite ERP tool for many companies. The ease of integration of this application makes it easier for the users to connect with the vendors and buyers. 

  • Version Releases

Odoo releases a new version every year, including the latest technologies to support the users in the competitive marketplace. Version upgrades also ensure security enhancement to prevent data leakage. 

  • No Vendor Lock-In

Vendor lock-in is the negative impact of some of the proprietary ERP tools. If the users invest in a costly ERP tool, they may not be able to replace the application with ease. But Odoo being the low-cost ERP, does not put forth such threats.

  • User-Friendly 

Odoo offers the most user-friendly interface. Quick navigation and easy to grasp views are the highlights of this application. On the other hand, SAP is slightly complex for unskilled users.

  • High-End Security And Support

Security is high as access restriction, and frequent debugging is part of Odoo. Odoo community constantly works on improving the application guaranteeing enhanced security features.

  • Enterprise Edition Offer Enhanced Functionalities

Enterprise edition of Odoo offers all the latest features and functionalities and updates the features frequently. 

  • Modularity and Flexibility

The modular structure of Odoo assures comprehensive support for all types of businesses. It is flexible for customization.

  • Over 10000 Odoo Apps

Odoo App store provides you with several applications suitable for easing your business operations. We can address all our business needs with these applications.

To conclude, we can say that both the ERP solutions have their advantages and disadvantages. However, the affordability and flexibility of Odoo make it a preferred choice for all types of businesses.

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