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ERP for Automotive Industry

Most of the world’s leading automotive parts companies are now using an ERP solution. The ERP for automotive industry can be implemented quickly. Providing cost-effective technical support for the ever-changing business needs of enterprises. It provides suitable solutions for global suppliers and sub-suppliers; balancing supply and demand. Meanwhile, reducing inventory, meeting strict quality standards and delivery requirements.

ERP implementation Benefits:

  • Uses information and guidance from key industry-leading customers to develop its solutions.
  • Provides solutions to manage the automotive manufacturing secondary market.
  • Supporting advanced functions such as sales forecasting, planning, warehouse management, and logistics.
  • Provides complete solutions for assembly and heavy equipment manufacturers. Helps in order-to-order or make-to-stock production.
  • Providing global suppliers with the right solution to balance supply and demand.
  • Reducing inventory and meeting delivery schedules and strict quality and delivery requirements.

Technology is developing too fast, costs are gradually decreasing, and competition is intensifying. In order to achieve business goals, many enterprises no longer use traditional excel forms for data recording and statistics.

From the birth of ERP, the market structure has begun to change. Therefore, nowadays even the largest and most complex enterprises and institutions have more choices.

ERP for automotive industry Implementation:

ERP for automotive industry provides comprehensive digital solutions to the business from three aspects. Sales management, after-sales management, and derivative business management. In addition to the three parts, it also adds highlights such as inventory management, electronic sales contract signing, and price control to greatly improve work efficiency.

For the after-sales section, ERP system strictly controls every link. From entering the factory reception to workshop management & spare parts management.

There are various methods for managing maintenance packages, and after-sales workshop digital customer points system, etc. Meanwhile, providing an efficient after-sales management system. manufacturing ERP pays attention to the real-time needs of the industry. Through BI business management reports, group business data summary.

The report covers each business link, each analysis object, and each time period. Meanwhile, improving the overall business performance. It is more convenient for the group managers to conduct cross-contrast analysis and help the group’s business management decisions to be more timely, comprehensive and efficient.

Automobile ERP features :

  • Focusing on the automobile sales market, integrating people, money and material management
  • According to the actual needs of our customers, we can adapt to various modes of management of different enterprises
  • Specialized and refined, only for automotive industry management
  • Multi-level password management, data is safe and reliable. Managers can arrange different specific functional rights for different employees
  • Stable operation, can backup and restore the database
  • All the delete operations involved in this project are not the deletion of physical data, only set it to not display
  • complete functions, complete reports
  • You can export various data to Excel spreadsheets in order to generate various statistical reports
  • It comes with a report query function, and users can modify and define reports that meet their own needs
  • You can print documents and other vouchers.

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