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September 1, 2020

An array of small and large business enterprises which are now part of the manufacturing industry belong to the chemical industry. Everything related to the manufacturing and processing of pharmaceutical drugs, industrial chemicals, organic or inorganic substances, and the synthesis of different materials fall under the Chemical Industry. A significant industry with entirely different features and specifications, the Chemical Industry requires a sophisticated and custom Odoo ERP to manage industrial operations.

Chuck out all your anxieties about legal formalities, employee management, and safe inventory management. An Odoo Chemical ERP Solution with dedicated features for the industry will help you manage all your tasks with little effort. Be it quality control and management, waste management, expiration date, and purchase order management, a successful ERP implementation can throw out all management obstacles.

How can Odoo ERP help you manage the Chemical Industry? Let us take a glance at ERP features directly beneficial for the Chemical industry.

  • Product Order Management

Unlike other industries, the Chemical Manufacturing Industry needs to follow global standards and country-wise regulations. Product order management based on the use of restricted components, and management of the buyers of chemical components requiring secure and long-term management of customer data gets simple with Odoo ERP for the Chemical Industry. Product orders from different retailers and generating warning labels matching the character of the product can be integrated into the auto-enter feature. The warning labels will be useful for handling and transportation purposes.

  • The Bill of Material Management made it easy.

Prepare the Bill of Material Management based on the chemical equations of the products helping the work centers to prepare the chemicals using the correct quantity of chemical components. The proper management of the BOM enables the investor to ensure quantity management of chemicals used in the industry. Using different chemical components as raw materials for forming other compounds, along with the specific quantity required for manufacturing, can be detected with the help of BOM.

Accurate BOM comes to the rescue of the investor till the delivery stage. The BOM, which can help with preparing labels and warnings for end-users and retail buyers, also proves helpful for those using the chemical product for effective storage and use. Choosing the best ERP with suitable BOM eases the integration of inventory and purchase management by maintaining accurate data on raw material consumption and availability.

In short, Bill of Material Management (BOM) helps to manage efficiently,

  • List all components required for manufacturing a chemical
  • Arrange everything in order with highlights of the final product
  • Specify formulae based on component and quantity
  • Batch Control and Lot Traceability

Sorting of manufactured chemical products is made easy with the batch control and lot traceability feature of Odoo ERP. Here, an Investor can easily mark batch numbers and control the movement of the product belonging to different batches. The movement inside the factory and to the delivery point can be traced with the batch numbers.

Traceability of batch and lot also helps to point out the expiry date of all the units of measures included in the batch. Besides, the withdrawal of a particular batch from the market owing to some technical reason can also be done with ease. The traceability helps to track the process stage, shipment, and delivery status with a click.

  • Shelf Life and Expiration Data Management

What is the shelf life? Shelf life shows the date up to which a single chemical or a combination of chemicals can maintain its quality with no chemical reaction. With Odoo ERP, you can check shelf life quickly.

It can assist in the Monitoring process of the shelf life of different chemical components and final products. The ERP solution also helps to manage the disposal of chemicals after their shelf life.

Expiration date management turns useful equally for the end-users and the manufacturers. The generation of labels with shelf life and expiry date sidesteps health hazards because of the misuse of products after the expiry date, especially in the pharmaceutical industry.

  • Control Cost and Optimize Production

 Being the Odoo partner in Saudi Arabia, our consultants can help you synchronize the usage of raw materials and fix prices under the purchase rate of raw materials.

How can any software implementation process help product optimization? A well-structured and integrated ERP application helps minimize waste generation, damage to components, and mismanagement. It can also ensure the maximum utilization of the workforce apart from the constant analysis of work center operations and work hours or timesheet management.

  •  Inventory and Multiple Warehouse Management

The efficacy of an ERP Application in managing inventory reflects the success of any ERP implementation in the Chemical Industry, which needs the best inventory management system. Many inventory control points and control checks are needed to manage temperature and humidity in the inventory for different products. The temperature-based storage also ensures the preservation of the quality of chemicals for a longer period. Management of multiple warehouses can do with ease after successful Odoo ERP implementation.

  • Chemical Waste Management

Are you finding the disposal of Chemical Waste a herculean task? Disposal management following strict regulations by the government and industry can be performed with ease in an ERP-supported platform. Fixing a set of rules for different industries to manage waste from pharmaceutical, plastic, explosive, and other chemical sectors are made possible with custom ERP.


  • Document Compliance

Leave your worries about complying with various government norms. Every document required to follow government guidelines can be managed and organized easily with Odoo ERP for the Chemical Industry. The documents to comply with environmental laws, food safety laws, explosive regulations, and drug and other chemical laws can be organized systematically with Odoo support. As some chemical products face restrictions on shipping and transportation, the document management system can efficiently manage all legal issues related to the shipment.

 Apart from the features, ODOO offers several customizable features that could be integrated into the smart functioning of the Chemical Manufacturing Industry. Take a glance at the additional features.

  • Purchase Planning
  • Forecasting sales and demand
  • Master Production Data
  • Sales and Marketing
  • Customer Relation Management
  • Employee Management
  • Work Order Management
  • Risk Analysis and Management
  • Repair and Maintenance

From the list, one can also choose the best that fits the Industry’s needs and ensure smooth functioning. When Bassam Infotech assures you of all-around help, the Odoo Demo ensures you get all the required self-learning tools.


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