Which ERP Provider Stands Out as the Best for the Construction Industry at GITEX technology?

July 8, 2023

The construction sector involves a series of complicated operations. Their primary roles are construction management, building roads, building dams, houses, and apartments. However, they have many secondary responsibilities, including accounts management, client relations, human resources recruitment, etc. In a large-scale industry that has to deal with clients, workers, supply units, and others, an ERP is essential.

Odoo ERP is the perfect tool to help the business to manage the activities of all departments in the company. This cost-effective ERP solution will guide users on how to manage projects and other activities.

Odoo Software solution will help users create cost codes and cost headers. It will also support businesses to manage bills of quantity. This will enable users to manage all materials based on quantity. Similarly, project creation, monitoring, and measures to complete the projects on time become smooth with Odoo. Another highlight of Odoo is report generation. This tool helps users to generate reports of work and expenses on a daily, weekly, and annual basis. Thus, the users can easily assess comprehensive and visually supported reports of each project using the Odoo ERP tool.

Another advantage of Odoo is purchase order management. Automation of purchase orders reduces the effort for construction companies.. Additionally, Odoo extends support for material planning by updating material consumption and usage regularly.

Comprehensive control over the workforce, a suitable record-flow system, controlled costing, and minimal errors are promised by Odoo. This ERP software also guarantees accounting and reporting support to enhance the performance of the company. Bookkeeping and journal entries also become effortless with this tool.

Odoo Construction at GITEX Technology

Gitex is the perfect venue for construction businesses across the world to explore the best ERP solution for their industry. Those visiting the Gitex technology venue will interact with the official Odoo team and Odoo partners. Odoo experts will help you implement, customize and integrate Odoo ERP for the construction industry.

Bassam Infotech, the Leading Construction ERP Implementation Company

 Bassam Infotech is an Odoo software solution provider that has been working in the industry for over 25 years. Experience and expertise in ERP implementation are the strength of Bassam. Besides, Bassam has been in the Construction ERP business for a long period. Experts at Bassam are familiar with the construction business in GCC countries, India, and other countries. Hence, they can ensure a comprehensive and hassle-free ERP solution for all construction businesses.

The only Odoo partner selected by Odoo SA to join them at the Odoo stand at Gitex Technology, Bassam, can help you understand the features of Odoo Construction. Integration of Odoo projects, fleets, accounts, and other modules, Odoo Construction ERP from Bassam is the finest solution for all your worries.

Let us examine how Bassam Infotech helps construction businesses.


Advantages of Implementing Odoo Construction ERP by Bassam Infotech

 Project Planning and Controlling Option

Odoo ERP for the construction sector enables us to reduce the human effort to a great extent. One may quickly plan the budgeting, estimating, planning, etc. with Odoo. Besides, project implementation using the construction module is an effortless process. Odoo ERP enables users to have an accurate evaluation of the entire project by comparing and contrasting the real proposal and the finished work.

The resource requirements and coasting factors are simple to create with Odoo. Hence, it is simple to perform a rate analysis here.

Key benefits

  • Prepare cost estimates and resource requirements.
  • Manage rate analysis
  • Create a WBS budget for the project’s execution
  • Monitoring material problems and on-site work completion
  • inventory balancing
  • Forecasting project progress and viewing Gantt charts
  • Comparison of the cost to complete the schedule and the actual costs

Manage Purchase

The purchasing of materials demands special consideration in the building sector. Confusion or errors will cause great loss and inconvenience to the project management team. Odoo Construction, with the help of the Odoo Projects module, will help to flawlessly execute work. Odoo will enhance all construction phases, including planning, monitoring, execution, etc.

With the help of this module, it will be simple to generate material indents based on the WBS. Using a workflow management system makes it simple to examine indents and purchase materials accurately. Additionally, supplier registration to ease raw material procurement becomes easier with this software solution.

Effortless contracting and subcontracting

One can quickly accomplish supplier registration, grading, and other evaluation duties using the Odoo construction software. Along with contractor registration and status-based management, the generation of labor indents also becomes simple. with Odoo software.

In addition to the ability to manage billable jobs and work completion, there are other capabilities, including the ability to create and issue work orders.

Procedures for buying and development

In many building projects, the most difficult task is to plan and complete projects in a scheduled manner. Purchasing materials is the toughest task that requires much time and effort. However, with the aid of the construction management tool Odoo, it may be easily manageable.

For quick access, the managing property information can be efficiently included in the system. Besides, the users can track data repositories and land proposals. Odoo offers complete support to manage documents and land owner details.

Perfect expense accounting and management

 Odoo Construction supports users in managing direct and indirect costs. Budgeting for projects in advance, creating purchase orders and service requests, processing payments, and passing bills will all be much simpler with this ERP solution. An extra benefit is the use of automated warnings and triggers. It is also feasible to create a cost allocation for the entire project here.

Integration of operations

With this system, integration of all modules for simple operation will be possible for the accounting wing. It will be trouble-free to use the automatic tax calculation, payment triggers, creation of statutory forms, multi-company accounting, loans and repayments management, asset management, and income expenditure statements. Additionally, we can easily generate financial statements and costing reports.

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