How Odoo ERP Software Can Benefit a Furniture Manufacture

October 5, 2021

A business flourishes when it efficiently tracks the profit and loss of the business venture. Proper tracking supports measures to increase the revenue of the company and steps to compensate for the loss. An efficient tracking system helps the business to set the trend in business management. 

The Furniture Manufacturing Industry is a flourishing industry with the emergence of designer furniture. Enterprise Resource Planning software is a solution that can bring drastic changes in business operations and management. A combination of software applications used for managing different tasks, ERP helps us track every aspect of the Furniture Manufacturing Industry. It supports material procurement to product delivery and manufacturing management to employee management.  

Odoo for Furniture Manufacturers helps to systematize:

  • Supply chain management
  • Accounts and finance management
  • Manufacturing process
  • Sales and marketing operations
  • Human resources management
  • Customer relationship management
  • Inventory operation management

Odoo ERP is the best ERP solution for the Furniture Manufacturing Industry. The magnitude of the business doesn’t matter if the user picks Odoo. Odoo helps to track customer details, material requirements, and employee operations. Odoo also manages sell orders, purchase orders, and manufacturing operations.    


Efficient product management

Product varieties come as the biggest attraction for any clients who are constantly on the lookout for innovative concepts for interior management. Product classification through multiple windows is possible for the easy navigation of product details. In addition, it can create custom product labels and give details of invoiced products, product dependencies, updated price lists, and other related tasks. For an industry like furniture, this classification is vital for the smooth management of the business.

Manufacture management

 A furniture product is the output of a lot of components, including wood, metal, and fabric. A lot of components will have to be purchased for the beautiful crafting of classy furniture. The quantity may differ according to the units of products manufactured. It involves a lot of calculations for trouble-free raw material procurement. The actual pricing of the products comes from the cost of materials used for the end product. Throughout this process, the Odoo ERP can also help the manufacturers in these areas to accurately track the BoM task.

Production planning and order management

Demand forecasting, demand management, manufacturing and sell order management, product costing, and financial evaluation are all part of this game. Then, with the required raw materials in stock, one can just enter the production process with the existing plan. The optimum use of raw materials by tapping human resources is the key factor of success in any industry. We can make it possible through the effective integration of a Custom-made ERP from Odoo.

 Inventory support

Odoo ERP helps to manage products in the inventory and set pricing. ERP customization and integration support the management of scraps and byproducts. Lot numbers from the incoming shipments can be added to the company records for record management easily. We can also streamline outgoing deliveries using the lot and serial number system. 

Management of satellite work centres

In the wood manufacturers industry, a lot of components are required to finish the journey to the end product. Interestingly, multiple units in multiple locations may be needed to craft a particular product. The whole process can be a tedious affair for a casual entrepreneur who tries to manage everything manually. However, the professional entrepreneurs in this sector will have to seek the support of a professional Odoo ERP that can effectively integrate the functioning of multiple units and ensure better check over the timely functioning with maximum productivity. Effective configurations of work centres thus make up an integral part of the industry.

Management of manufacturing order

Manufacturing is a multi-stepped process in the furniture industry. An Odoo ERP streamlines the whole process in a three-step way. The process includes the creation of manufacturing orders, the scheduling of associated work orders, and performing scheduled work. We can make the process simpler with the generation of a manufacturing order. Its proper scheduling can accomplish the immediate step after receiving the work order. The final step- performing the scheduled task and recording production, can be also completed within a few minutes with the step-by-step performance of the already coded activities. In addition, effective manufacturing order management can avoid routing and associated confusion.

Product quality monitoring

The quality of the manufactured product speaks to the quality of the firm behind its manufacturing. For any entrepreneur, it plays a significant role in building his business empire. To avoid hassle-free quality monitoring, Odoo ERP can also help its clients at different levels. It can accurately monitor the total production quantity of quality products, the details of damaged ones, and the partly completed ones. Such a quality check report will help him address the key issues and reduce the possibility of recurrence. Using the quality monitoring feature, the manufacturer can also check the issues related to a returned product.

Machine maintenance and management

A lot of industrial equipment is required to make quality products, and its proper maintenance plays a crucial role in assuring product quality. Timely production and delivery owe a great deal to the proper functioning of the mechanical wing. Here, Odoo for furniture manufacturers can keep track of the accurate maintenance records of your machine resources. The timely service or replacement of damaged components can be done by keeping an accurate record. Such a record will be crucial to assessing the profit margin in your industry. If the cost of maintenance is increasing, it will have to be reflected in the price of the end product and thus save you from an unexpected crisis.

Odoo ERP also supports generating reports on sales and manufacturing. It can give you a comprehensive account of what is happening in your industry at various levels. For example, it can make you aware of the raw materials in stock, the quantity required for meeting the requirements, the status of existing production, the products in-store, the labour resources requirement, and the activities related to the supply of end products to the associated suppliers in the field. Also, a daily report or weekly report based on the preferences of the manufacturer is possible using this Odoo ERP for Furniture Manufacturers.

Managing the accounts and finance, human resources, and all other aspects of the furniture business will become simpler with Odoo ERP. 

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