Odoo ERP for Plastic and Petrochemical Industry

September 7, 2020

Are you finding it tough to man the Plastic and Petrochemical Industry (PPI) operations? Here is the best equation to settle your worries with the top ERP solutions. This Industry plays a crucial role in helping the growth of the manufacturing industry. With an ERP solution for the Plastic and Petrochemical Industry, the distribution part of the petrochemical products and by-products becomes an easy task.

How does Odoo ERP help the Plastic and Petrochemical Industry !?

Get a shot at the arm by implementing Odoo Enterprise Resource Planning Software in PPI. These industries contribute to the economic growth of every country. It can improve performance, and quality, and meet policy conditions in an organized way. ERP can integrate the operations in the Industry with constant quality control alerts and policy condition settings. The waste management checklist and other features get easier.

Key attributes of ERP for Plastic and Petrochemical Manufacturing Companies

  • Ensure Product Quality

The petrochemical industry has a broad spectrum of products. It includes ventures associated with plastic, detergent, polymer, synthetic fiber, synthetic rubber, and plastic. Ensuring the quality of all these products is made easy with an ERP application. All use petrochemical products for different purposes. It can be for household use, business, and health and beauty purposes. The importance of these products in daily life points to the need for the best quality management system.

Odoo Open Source Software with a quality control checklist guarantees the best product. The same is the case with quality point management. The feedstock’s quality points, including crude oil and natural gases, set the seal for the final product. Setting quality standards for granules and other primary materials is possible with ODOO support. Generating quality alerts enhances quality management.

  • Feed-stock management

Is feed-stock management a challenging exercise for you? Implementing the best ERP and management of feed-stock becomes can be made an uncomplicated task. Unlike the petroleum industry, the petrochemical industry makes use of distressed petroleum products as feedstock. Feedstock, including crude oil, petroleum gas, kerosene, other natural gases, ethane, propane, and natural gas liquids, need a separate management system.

  • Bill of Material

Odoo e-platform enables investors to organize storage and prepare the Bill of Materials (BOM). Setting chemical equations can be done for all products. The quantity of feedstock required for manufacturing different product variants can be fixed with ERP support. ERP tools ease the component-based listing of plastic and other petrochemical products.

  • Manufacturing Process Management

The plastic Industry, a subsidiary concern, is also using petrochemical feedstock for the process. The petrochemical industry and the plastic Industry upgrade distressed petroleum into different products.

One can refine feedstock and manufacture value-added products based on manufacturing orders with integrated ERP. Odoo ERP for the Plastic and Petrochemical Industry coordinates process distillation and polymerization. It can also help poly-condensation, dying, and other processes based on work orders.

  • Warehouse Management

ERP management helps to avoid mismanagement of warehouses and subsequent losses. It prevents material misplacement and damage. It can help to prevent loss of time by shelf management of products. Comprehensive details about raw materials and final products and product variants can be managed without trouble.

  • Multiple Warehouses

The plastic industry commonly uses multiple warehouses to store different products at different locations. Advanced planning at the purchase stage itself with Odoo inventory will help to smoothen the operations. Sorting of damaged materials from saleable products and scrap management also get a perfect push with custom-made Odoo ERP.

  • Forecasting Demand

  •  The Odoo support and report generation will help you prepare production plans.
  • It can be done after studying market trends and forecasting demand.
  • Performance analysis will avoid excessive production and ensure the life cycle management of the goods.
  • Workforce and work hours can also be planned based on forecast results.
  • Production and Order Management

Close surveillance of the performance of different work centers and individual employees can be managed with Odoo ERP. Order-based production of petroleum products, including lubricants and addictive, can be handled quickly. Petrochemical products, including adhesives, ink, pharmaceutical drugs, plastic, and paint, can also be managed based on orders from retailers. Different product variants of the Plastic Industry can also be managed very comfortably.

  • Product Tracking Facility

The step-by-step movement of raw materials, semi-finished products, or finished products can be traced with ERP Software. The movement from different work centers to inventory can be tracked. Product shipment and delivery to retailers can be monitored with the feature. Lot number and batch number features help to track the product even after its sale.

  • Ensure Customer Relationship Management

The best product, along with ongoing customer relationship management, can quickly increase the number of buyers. Timely delivery, delivery of damage-free products, and loyalty management feature can help better customer satisfaction. Constant communication with buyers through e-mail and SMS on offers and new developments also can improve CRM activity.

  • Shipment and Invoice

 How ODOO eases the shipping of petrochemical products?

Best ERP consultants can help you redress all shipment-related concerns by providing customized solutions. Restriction on the shipping of some products or preparing labels for different products can be done very easily.

Companies involved in the shipping of some chemicals require special permission, and the e-platform manages these issues. Generation of perfect invoices by Odoo ERP with handling directions and package details also prove advantageous.

  • Repair and Maintenance

The cloud-based ERP application helps in refinery management, repair, and maintenance of factories on time. Generation of a maintenance request, its approval, and subcontracting of work gets integrated with ODOO.


  • Cost Management

The procurement of feedstock when the cost is low can be planned with this Odoo ERP. Pricing of products after studying the market trends, location of raw material, price of raw material, and processing charges can be pre-planned in a productive way.

  • Waste Management

The generation of oils, chemical liquids, and gases are vital issue existing in the petrochemical industry. A custom ERP can generate reports on waste generation and manage waste according to the set rules. Odoo also supports minimal waste generation by optimum use of materials. It assures comprehensive management tools.

Being the best ERP solution, Odoo also offers support for the following areas:

  1. It helps to comply with government policies and license conditions.
  2. Plan master data scheduling
  3. Master production schedule
  4. Scrap order management
  5. Vendor list management
  6. Barcode supporting
  7. Expiration date management


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