ERP For Streamlining Operations and Supply Chain Management at Gitex Exhibition

July 17, 2023

 Do you want to streamline all your business operations?

Does supply chain management worry you?

You can find the ultimate solution for operations management and supply chain if you visit GITEX Exhibition 2023. The finest Odoo service provider, Bassam Infotech, will be there to help you know more about the ERP solution.

An Enterprise resource planning software can support you and your team to manage all supply chain activities effectively. An ERP platform brings all supply chain activities under a single roof and coordinates all activities. To be specific, companies that execute supply chain management ERP successfully are well ahead in the supply chain sector. If you are confused about the best ERP for supply chain management, we can resolve your doubts.

Undoubtedly, Odoo ERP is the best and the most affordable ERP solution for all ERP needs. Supply chain management is one of the most effective areas where Odoo has dominance. Odoo offers many alternatives for streamlining the supply chain and operations very professionally.

It is a fact that the production and supply of products involves a series of activities. Tracking and managing all these activities related to product design, supply, and delivery becomes effortless with Odoo.

How Does Odoo ERP Help Supply Chain Management?

After examining every ERP program, we understand that Odoo ERP offers unmatched support. Finding the most suitable solution for supply chain management can be tough. However, your search is sure to end once you visit our stand at GITEX Exhibition 2023.

Improves managerial effectiveness

Numerous integrated modules that improve a manufacturing and trading company’s management effectiveness are part of Odoo ERP. Odoo ERP streamlines every aspect of your company’s operations. What is more? It does away with the need for manual supervision.

 Streamlines the process

Odoo provides visual assistance to all your operations. It has bar graphs, pie charts, and other data visualization techniques to methodically deliver raw data. Thus, you can visualize the workflow. The best operation management support system, Odoo, helps us to calculate the time spent on operations. Hence, the administrators can plan all manufacturing activities in advance. If a manufacturing company’s workflow is transparent, it improves efficiency and supports resource management.


Futuristic support for customer relationship management

A trading organization’s customer support and relationship management activities get a competitive edge with Odoo. Odoo CRM is easily integrated with the Supply chain to manage clients. It assists customer support personnel in arranging meetings. Assured lead generation and high-quality leads are advantages of Odoo.

Human Resource Management

Odoo with modular structure enables your team to manage your production, supply, and employees using the same ERP tool. HRMS support by Odoo makes it easier for the team to maintain their database. Every aspect of employee management, including employee information, salary memos, attendance, etc becomes effortless with this ERP.

Warehouse Management

Additionally, the Odoo ERP provides a warehouse management module with a variety of capabilities. Our team at GITEX will guide you on the output, effectiveness, and quality evaluation features of Odoo. We can also guide you about how the integration of Odoo inventory with the supply chain supports real-time data management. Proper inventory management support enables the users to plan incoming and outgoing products.

 What are the features of Odoo’s supply chain ERP?

When used as a supply chain management software, Odoo needs the integration of modules and functionalities, such as inventory management, order management, return management, logistics, procurement, forecasting, and planning. Thus, the supply chain management ERP will have many features, as given below.

Inventory control

Inventory control, as the name indicates, tracks and controls the inventory. It helps manage quantities and assets and includes barcode integration.

Warehouse administration

A warehouse management component is essential for supply chain management. The key objective of this tool is to monitor and regulate the movement of goods kept in a warehouse.

Regulating Orders

Odoo supply chain management software can perform multiple tasks at a time. It helps to automate the placing of purchase orders to procure raw materials. It helps in planning deliveries and configuring products and prices.

Product Return

Supply chain software efficiently manages damaged products by collecting back these products. Odoo ERP supports managing products and money returns and enters the details in stock.

Logistics management

The supply chain management software aids in streamlining the shipping and delivery of goods to customers. With Odoo, you can transform transportation practices, boost customer satisfaction, and enhance profit.


Supply not only deals with sales. It also deals with the procurement of raw materials and products. In order to maintain the supply chain, Odoo ERP’s procurement feature plays a vital role. It helps you to place orders based on availability and avoid bulk purchases and wastage of items.

You can quickly pay bills and make purchases by using this software.

 Planning & Forecasting

A business can analyze customer demand and predict requirements with Odoo support. Odoo ERP’s forecast support helps in making required adjustments to meet customers’ expectations. An organization can use the feature to determine client interest in certain goods.

 Why Visit Bassam At GITEX Exhibition 2023?

Bassam Infotech is the only Odoo Partner who will be there in the official pavilion of Odoo. When you or your team members visit the Odoo pavilion, you can meet us and clear your doubts. A part of an extensive program for technology promotion, GITEX will help you examine the features of different ERPs. However, Bassam is the most trusted solution for you as we will work with Odoo during the Expo.

You will get the opportunity to interact with our experts, view live demonstrations, and, of course, test out our fantastic products at the GITEX Exhibition 2023. This expo gives you a chance to clarify your doubts regarding functionalities such as e-Commerce, Odoo Point of Sale, Odoo Inventory, and Odoo CRM.

If you have any queries regarding supply chain management, GITEX is the right opportunity. You can visit us and interact with our experts directly to enhance your supply chain.

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