Why to Choose Bassam Infotech for Best ERP Implementation Process | 10 Steps for Successful ERP Implementation

December 11, 2020

Implementing ERP can take a business to its zenith. A systematic approach can boost the success rate of ERP implementation process. A skilled implementation company can assist the business to plan the processes and find out the apt ingredients for successful ERP implementation.

Give it a right start and follow a perfect implementation process. Setting goals for post-implementation training needs hand-on support from the best ERP implementation company. Bassam Infotech carries out the ERP implementation process in a step by step manner to ensure its error free completion.  We support our clients to identify their requirements and find out the right ERP solution. Bassam Infotech offers you a 10 step plan for successful ERP implementation.

Why Choose Bassam Infotech for Best ERP Implementation Process ?

We offer comprehensive support for Odoo Implementation. From identifying your requirement to the preparation of the ERP implementation plan gets the support of our team. We never hesitate to offer cost effective Implementation packages which are sure to suit your demand at the lowest price. Our support is sure to help you manage your spending limit in an effective way. Support for training and education for your employees and efficient enhancement management are part of our implementation package.

  1.  Assess requirement

Success rate of Enterprise Resource Planning Software implementation is directly proportionate to the effective requirement analysis. Different businesses require different software specifications to manage operations. Identify the fields of operations, client pattern, and areas of operation, employee efficiency and business upgrading plans.  Sort out critical business operations and key performance indicators to identify your needs.  Realistic ideas about the ERP system can help your business set your expectations and plan ERP implementation accordingly.

  1.   Select the best implementing team

Teaming up with an experienced, skilled team decided the success rate. A team with extensive knowledge in ERP implementation and customization can reduce chances for error. Cost effective and timely implementation patterns of the implementation company should be taken into account while finalising the team.

Ensure post implementation support, training and enhancement support before tying up with a team. Find a team that suits your budget and ensure their willingness to engage in a contract for the implementation process.

  1.   Identify the best ERP for your business

The ERP market is flourishing with a number of new Enterprise Resource Planning Software entering the market every day. The success of your ERP implementation depends on the selection of the best suited ERP for you. Choose an ERP tool that can be enhanced and integrated to fit your needs. Personalization of ERP can manifold the efficiency of the software support system.

Integrate different operations by coordinating various departments. Optimal use of ERP can be assured on selecting the right ERP platform for operation.  Invest your time to trace the apt solution for your business. The support of the implementation team can further help you to scrutinize your choice.

  1.   Change management

ERP implementation process is sure to bring in drastic changes in the operations of your organization. Prepare your employees as well as the data to adapt to the changes in a flawless way. Informing your employees about the expected changes in the operation and the benefits of the ERP system can help you improve the success rate of ERP implementation. Convince them about the changes on card and make them part of your planning to ensure their support. Data sorting and folder management also is essential to ease the migration. It is better to inform the clients about the upcoming changes and the technical delays that may be part of the new changes.


  1.   Develop data migration plan

Migration of your current data to the new ERP system is a crucial part of ERP implementation process. Plan this process and find out an effective way to complete the migration. Ensure that no important data is lost or missed out. Prioritize the data based on significance, year and the client.  Sort out data that can be unnecessary for your future plans. Avoid the migration of the entire data and ensure a perfect selection process to avoid clutter. Data duplication should also be avoided. The use of data cleaning solutions and data management apps can help you efficiently plan your migration. Cloud based ERP support also offers a safe platform for data storage and backup.

  1.   Customization

Select the functionalities required for your tailor made ERP solution. Identify the features to be integrated for developing a software tool that can perfectly meet all your requirements. Prepare enhancement and plan updates in advance. A specially designed software support can bring you ease of operation. Custom ERP using the cloud based platform can be an added advantage for the business. Ensure the optimum utilisation of workforce and work centres to improve productivity. Customization can also improve time management and employee satisfaction.

  1.   Implementation

Now it’s time to implement your ERP platform. Pool all your resources and ensure a proper maintenance and management plan for the ERP. Implementing ERP requires total support of the organization and employees. Ensure your support to coordinate the employees with the implementing team. Estimate the data requirement and complete the implementation process with the help of the best Odoo implementer.

  1.   Training and Education

Implementation alone cannot bring you the best results. The employees of the company should be well-equipped to use the ERP. Training can help you equip the employees. Best Odoo ERP implementation companies always offer training and education support for employees. Interacting with the employees, addressing their queries and imparting them the skill heightens the performance levels of the ERP.

  1.   Go live

Now you have completed the implementation process and can go live. Once the ERP goes live, the users across the globe can access the software support system and start their operations using the internet platform. Cloud based ERP can help you operate from anywhere once the ERP goes live.

  1.  Support and enhancement

Make sure that you enhance your application regularly to keep in pace with the changes in the business world. Carry out maintenance operations and upgrade the system for optimum use.


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