Exclusive Odoo Apps from Bassam Infotech | Odoo Software | Bassam Infotech the Official Odoo Silver Partner
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Exclusive Odoo Apps from Bassam Infotech | Odoo Software | Bassam Infotech the Official Odoo Silver Partner

Odoo Apps are the applications developed by Odoo SA as well as the Odoo partners and community groups for large-scale business development. Being an open-source application, Odoo allows all communities and partners to use the source codes provided by Odoo SA. This enables them to customize the applications to suit the requirement of different business groups.

Odoo developers across the globe engage in modifying the source code and in developing new enterprise resource planning solutions. This business management software can help the fast-track growth of a business. All Odoo developers are continuously involved in developing new solutions from the source codes available in Odoo; this has increased the total number of Odoo Apps to over 10000. Proprietary Apps, which do not allow community participation, will have only a few applications to their credit.

 Odoo Apps from Bassam Infotech

Being an Official Odoo Silver Partner, Bassam Infotech has been striving to develop new and improved software solutions. Bassam Infotech develops software tools by carrying out research and analysis regarding the demands of the industry.

Industry-oriented operations give Bassam Infotech an upper hand in the software development sector. With 22 years of experience and expertise in ERP implementation, team Bassam has spread its operations across many verticals.

 The key industries are:

  • Supply chain
  • Cosmetics
  • Construction
  • Healthcare
  • Real-estate
  • Steel
  • Textiles
  • Education
  • Logistics    


 Manufacturing ERP and Bassam Infotech

  • Having extensive experience in implementing ERP tools, Bassam Infotech has been offering ERP for the manufacturing industry for over 24 years.
  • Over the years, Bassam Infotech has become the official Odoo Partner and a credible Odoo App developer company.
  • Having a thorough knowledge of the manufacturing industry and the industry’s operational demands, Bassam Infotech has been giving thrust to the manufacturing sector while developing Odoo Apps.
  • Bassam Infotech considers different socio-political and business changes and requirements while introducing the apps.

 Manufacturing industry-related Odoo Apps developed by Bassam Infotech focuses on:

  1. Production management
  2. Inventory organization
  3. Purchase management
  4. Accounting support
  5. MRP Management
  6. Quality control
  7. Sales support
  8. Maintenance assurance system
  9. Timesheet management and analysis
  10. Management of the fixed asset
  11. Major Odoo Apps by Bassam Infotech
  12. Warehouse Stock Report

This Application has been developed to support the manufacturing and POS business, and the Application can help your business to manage inventory reports and warehouse stock reports. This Application will also help you download the report in Excel format for documentation and other purposes. The Application can generate warehouse stock reports for a particular period. The stock report for a particular location can also be generated with our dedicated Application.

Purchase Return

The purchase Return App of Bassam Infotech aims at effortlessly managing the purchase return by the buyer. The purchased item can be any merchandise or fixed asset. In case the user excessively purchases a product from the vendor, the product can be returned easily with this system.

 Product Stock Report

In Odoo App, the Product Stock Report developed by Bassam Infotech guarantees you quick service for generating product stock reports. It also eases the management of stock with the report. Excess stock or stock out can be efficiently managed with this Application.

Sales Return

Many a time, a buyer may return products to the seller; this can be because of excess purchases or due to low-quality products. Sales Return Report in Odoo App helps to generate reports for the return.

Account Balance

Want to manage the chart of accounts and the transaction details? Bassam Infotech’s Odoo App Account balance will be used; this will help you list the balance quickly. In addition, the credit and debit details and the balance amount get displayed easily.

 Account Journal

Managing an Account journal becomes easy with Bassam Infotech’s Odoo App Account journal. It enables the user to enter customer details, receipt date, payment date, and journal id to make a journal entry. It also supports the generation of receipt voucher reports.

Invoice Line View

 Analyze the invoices with invoice date, accounting details, and product quantity. Generate reports in graph format to understand the invoice line.

Purchase Order View

Viewing and analyzing purchase orders have become painless with the app developed by Bassam Infotech. All details, including the order number, date, product details, supplier details, quantity, etc., can be viewed on a single platform. It also supports the effective analysis of the process with graphic representation.

Stock History

 Odoo Apps developed by Bassam Infotech to trace stock history can be integrated with other apps. This helps the user trace the movement of a product and the stock availability at different periods.

Holidays/Leave- Calculate in Calendar Days

 This Application developed by Bassam Infotech helps to calculate the number of leave days by finding out the working hours and calendar days.

Multiple Invoice Payment

Odoo App Multiple Invoice payment helps to register grouped as well as ungrouped payments against multiple customer invoices. It will also support the payment of multiple vendor bulls and full or partial payment of multiple vendor bills and customer invoices.

Sales Order Line View

Get all sale orders listed with this Application developed by Bassam Infotech. You can also get a graphic representation of the orders using this app.

Vendor Line View

Analyze a vendor based on the products sold by the vendor and the other details. Get graphic representation as well.

The official Odoo partner Bassam Infotech’s employees get training from Odoo SA, which helps our team develop new software solutions effectively. We are now focusing on special features as it can address the requirements of a large number of clients.

We have been focussing on developing Apps related to inventory and supply chain management as these are two essential parts of the manufacturing business.

Besides, Bassam Infotech has expertise in developing and implementing school management software and logistics management software. We also offer our Indian clients comprehensive support for GST management.

Highlights of Odoo Apps by Bassam Infotech

  1. No technical glitches
  2. Smooth operation
  3. User-friendly
  4. Easy integration with all other Odoo Apps
  5. Suitable for different business operations
  6. Helpful for customization
  7. Improves inventory management

Apart from developing Odoo Apps, Bassam Infotech is an Odoo Silver Partner having expertise in Odoo Customization, Odoo Support, Odoo Implementation, and POS Software implementation.


Bassam Infotech is a company of Official Odoo Certified Experts with 24 years of expertise. We are a one-stop shop for all your business needs, including Odoo Implementation, customization, integration, and support. We’re available by phone or email, with a 24-hour response time in case you need immediate Odoo ERP support. For more details, Call us at +91 88912 49995 or +91 70250 75566, email us at or fill out the form to get a free consultation

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