Features Introduced In Odoo 15 Helpdesk

December 26, 2022

The business world is growing day by day by adapting or embracing new technologies that are available around us. Because of this immense growth in the business world, new small and big companies emerge in huge numbers in the same field. Being in the same field the competition between these companies will also be high in order to provide high quality and quantity of goods and services to the customers. Satisfying the Customers with the products and services is the key to the success of any business. Customers can help in the business’s growth, also if they are not happy with the product then it may affect the business in a negative way.

So for maintaining a healthy relationship with the Customers, these businesses use the customer service management system in Odoo, the Helpdesk module. This module will be an aid for those companies that handle a huge number of customers every day. With this module, you can manage and organize all tickets in one place.

organize-all-tickets-in-one-placeThe efficient user interface of the Odoo Helpdesk will give a correct insight into all tickets and operations being carried out in the Helpdesk overview window. In this window open tickets of the user, average processing hours for open tickets analysis, several failed SLAs, etc will be displayed.

 Configuration Of Helpdesk Team

The option to create and, manage a desk team is available under the configuration menu of the Helpdesk module. Already created teams along with the option to Create a new will be available. The Helpdesk team window in Odoo 14 just provided a List view whereas in Odoo 15 it also provides Kanban View. In the Kanban view, you will get to see all the details associated with each team configured in Odoo. For more details refer to the below image.


Direct options to monitor SLA Issues, Unassigned Tickets, and Customer Satisfaction will be directly available from the Kanban view. By clicking on the Tickets button all the details of the tickets assigned for each team will also be available.

Automatic Closing

Odoo 15 introduced a new option called Automatic Closing which makes it possible to close inactive tickets automatically. By activating this feature, Odoo will automatically close the tickets when it exceeds the period set by us. For activating the same select any team and go to the settings menu of the selected team. As shown in the screenshot below, the activating option is there under the Self-Service field.


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When you activate this feature, there will be some other options as well. Several days of inactivity The inactive tickets under the stages specified in the ‘In Stages’ field will be automatic.

Customer ratings

Customer Ratings a new reporting feature introduced in Odoo 15   helps in to analyze the customer ratings, which is under the Reporting menu of the helpdesk module.

By analyzing the rating company can make customer service more efficient by providing the best support and service.


 New Smart Buttons

New Smart buttons available in the Helpdesk Team management window can be seen as shown in the image below.

Here you can see all the tickets created or submitted by the customers for that team by clicking Tickets smart button. The Repair smart button will help to manage the repair order associated with the particular helpdesk team. Using the SLA Policies button, the user will get access to the SLA Policies platform and can work with it more easily.

With the help of all these newly introduced features. The Odoo Helpdesk module makes sure that customer queries and complaints are processed with no delay. Effortless management of tickets can be thereby achieved.


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