Features of the Odoo Website Module

January 20, 2023

Digital growth of the business has made websites an integral part of branding, lead generation, and business promotion. A creatively designed and functional website will showcase the identity of the company, highlight products, and services, and create brand awareness. The usage of digitally enhanced tools, equipment, and technologies are the latest business transformation tools. Extensive use of digital marketing and online sale of products and services is a reflection of market trends. Are you yet to embrace a creative website to reflect your business and position your brand at the forefront of the industry? Then, it is the right time. Set aside your concerns about the effectiveness of the website or the expenses for website building. Anyone can complete website development by easily installing the Odoo Website Building tool. Apart from offering complete support for designing, the Odoo Website module will help ensure the hassle-free functioning of the website.

Chase the time to brighten your future. Manage websites effortlessly to coordinate and manage your business. A website-building app can help you take a step forward in the business world. Moreover, can Odoo Website Building Module will guide you to develop your dream website.

What is Odoo Website Module?

Odoo developed the front-end development framework known as OWL. Odoo introduced this framework during the release of version 14 of Odoo. The tool helps to improve the frontend code. It is an easy-to-use and affordable tool for website building. Similarly, those who are familiar with the other front-end frameworks can easily manage Odoo. Those familiar with React, Vue, Angular, Backbone, etc can efficiently use OWL as they follow similar concepts.

Odoo is a complete web development tool. It helps to develop all types of websites including eCommerce websites. This comprehensive website development tool will help to design and manage different websites. You can easily design and manage different pages of the website, change banners, add videos, edit content and prepare layouts. Ready-to-use themes will help the developers to use application-specific modules. Odoo will help you to build a website without working much on codes. The Odoo platform’s website builder application is so distinctive that it will take care of the functional components of website construction, which can be created in a matter of minutes. Here are some of the additional characteristics of the Odoo Website module that stand out and make it one of the greatest tools for managing websites.

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Odoo Website Module

Odoo 16 website module has six key segments namely Website builder, eCommerce, Blogs, Forum, Live Chat, and eLearning.

The website builder is the segment that helps to construct websites. Website builder supports the business to create a new website just by clicking the create a website option. Moreover, the users can get quick access by adding essential details. Odoo website builder offers an interesting experience and ensures a powerful tool for building websites without codes.


ECommerce platform of Odoo Enterprise Resource solution, eCommerce is scalable and easy to use. The best advantage of this platform is that it offers a drag-and-drop editor and a wide range of building blocks. An online eCommerce platform can be created in four simple steps. Similarly, Odoo offers beautiful themes.


Blogs are the key parts of digital media communication. A blog page can support users to manage creative blogs setting aside blog development and designing worries.

With the help of Odoo, we can concentrate on creating content and disregard the back-end tasks. Instead of worrying about page designing, we can start writing. Odoo blog will help you manage your blog with no technicalities. Similarly, you can pick the most creative design for the blog. The blog by Odoo is quickly accessible on mobile phones as well. It enables you to attract more readers and keep existing readers. It enables comments for the blog post and can be shared on social media.


Search engines can set up discussions since they are indexed. With new material produced every day by your community, you may rank for more keywords and enhance your SEO. Websites that consistently publish original material are always rewarded by search engines like Google.

Live Chat

Directly communicate with a chosen target by using Odoo Live Chat. By connecting with your customers and website visitors in the appropriate language and tone, you may narrow down your audience by country and offer superior customer care.


The eLearning platform of Odoo supports the business to create engaging content and ensure rapid editing. Creating metrics, quizzes, reviews, and group lessons are made simple with Odoo 16. It also supports certification.

Odoo Website Module Features:

  • Odoo has a unique module designed only for website administration operations.
  • The supplementary module of Odoo will enhance the entire website management operations process.
  • The Odoo Website builder tool will help to complete your project and design a beautiful website without using any code.
  • You can design, build, and manage many websites for the same or various businesses using the same platform.
  • The ability to change the viewer’s language according to the region from which they access the content.
  • Manage an online store that is based on the same website.
  • We can alter product listing and characteristics based on the situation.
  • Eases the setting up and integrating of a variety of payment acquirers and gateways
  • Enables the direct interface with the CRM Module for customer relationship management and the follow-up on prospects across generations.
  • Helps to set up the website’s Chatter and Live Chat tools for customers and inquiry-makers.
  • Supports creating the website’s Forms and Contact sections.
  • A configurable, clearly defined mobile view of the developed website.
  • Many Websites The visual features of the business website will benefit from themes and templates.
  • The website’s n number of web pages, including the blog pages, can all be managed from the backend.
  • Assists you define blog pages and other web pages with the help of the backend, frontend, and website module of the website.
  • Assists you define blog pages and other web pages with the help of the backend, frontend, and website module of the website.


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