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September 12, 2022

Dubai World Trade Centre is gearing up to welcome tech and business-savvy people from all parts of the globe. The technology week that will begin on October 10 is ready to open up bundles of surprises to the visitors and delegates. Speakers from across the globe who are eloquent in business and technology areas will elate the spirit of the participants of workshops and conferences. A joining point for eight events including two newly introduced events. GITEX expects the participation of millions of people from all continents.

Registration is open for visitors and delegates who have been keenly waiting to turn up for this global event. You can assure your perspiring a few minutes. Let us look at the highlights of this most inclusive tech and start-up event and the dates you must remember.

The hype it has created and the digital universe getting ready are the main highlights of GITEX Global. The most prominent ecosystem in the world, And, GITEX Global also aims to advance in economy, culture, business and society. Joining this initiative will empower businesses and individuals with the power of innovation.

Global DevSlam

The highlight event of the year, Global devisal, is new to GITEX. The event will begin on October 10 and conclude on October 13. The four-day event at Dubai World Trade Centre will witness the participation of coders from across the continents. The event supported by Coders HQ features Python-Powered and PYCONMEA. The event inspired by GITEX 2022 Global is a project supported by the Government of UAE to encourage coders to transform the UAE into a digital economy. The government has issued one lakh golden visas for coders. To attract coding experts from different parts of the globe to Dubai.

 Ai Everything (October 10-14)

Prioritizing the digital economy, GITEX Global focuses on Artificial Intelligence. The UAE government is planning to enhance the non-oil economy by 20 percent by promoting artificial intelligence. The aim is to maximize the use of artificial intelligence for boosting the growth of all industries and become a center of Ai.

North Star Dubai (October 10-13)

North Star acts as a roadmap for imaginative minds and is one of the most innovative international start-up events in the world. The bright minds impacting our future use North Star as a resourceful compass to direct the start-up environment and its community toward success. Also, the event serves as a platform for start-ups and innovators to enter the global scene and establish themselves as dominant forces in their respective industries.

FinTech Surge (October 10-13)

A platform called FinTech Surge brings together finance and technology to produce limitless results. FinTech Surge will be hosted from October 10 to October 13 at GITEX 2022 along with six other specialty events. The event will include over 1000 delegates from around the world. Over 100 people will also take part in discussions on the future of finance in the MENA region. The Global FinTech Strategy, Open Finance Forum. and Redefining Financial Services are the three programs.

Future Blockchain Summit (October 10-13)

 On October 10 in Dubai, the 5th Future Blockchain Summit gets underway. The occasion, a GITEX co-event, will be held at the Dubai World Trade Centre. The blockchain conference, a gathering point for proponents of emerging technologies will examine a wide range of blockchain management options. The summit will feature over 100 speakers from around the world. By registering for the event, you can also connect to the blockchain network’s global innovation hub. The participant’s ability to see things from a wider perspective will be aided by the acceptance of cryptocurrency and stakeholder perspectives.

XVERSE (October 10-13)

X VERSE is a newly introduced event aimed at transforming Dubai into one of the top 10 cities in the Metaverse Economy. The event focuses on empowering diverse industries which work within the metaverse.

 Marketing Mania (October 10-13)

Marketing Mania is a conference that provides a one-stop shop for effective social media marketing, pay-per-click advertising, SEO optimization, and social media marketing for businesses. The marketing firms taking part in Marketing Mania will undoubtedly attract new clients. For goal-oriented marketing management, customers attending the expo can also determine their best marketing partners.

 Best Participants in Gitex

GITEX 2022 will witness the participation of 4000 + technology powerhouses. The visitors with the GITEX pass can meet global tech brands from October 10 to October 14. Similarly, visitors can get a direct experience of the digital transformation taking place in the world. Tech giants and young innovators from all seven continents will reach the global technology week venue at Dubai World Trade Centre. You can also get a glance at the technology powerhouses by visiting the website of GITEX.

Global leaders in blockchain, coding, marketing, and artificial intelligence, and speakers from all industries will share their expertise at the expo. Apart from Technology, healthcare, mobility, and other industries are also presenting their innovations and experiences at the Expo. Enlightening speeches by speakers from leading technology companies, and ministers of various governments, will take visitors to the next level of learning.

GITEX is the platform where large, medium and small players in the industry join for the enhancement of the digital universe. GITEX also offers you a fantastic chance to choose the ideal technology partner and write success tales. You may organize your business operations with the help of technical help or embrace the innovations presented at the expo. Similarly, the Expo with over 500 hard-hitting talks and 14 conferences guarantees the best learning and skill development experience for young minds.

 Bassam @ GITEX

Bassam Infotech, one of the leading ERP service providers, is one of the participants at GITEX 2022. Team Bassam is also set to welcome you to GITEX and present your comprehensive solution for all operational requirements. Similarly, Bassam, with 25 years of experience, will guide you to choose your ERP partner, customizing Odoo ERP, and integrating third-party applications with Odoo.

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