How Odoo ERP Implementation from Bassam Infotech can Improve Overall Business Revenue? | ERP Implementation | Odoo Implementation | Odoo erp
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How Odoo ERP Implementation from Bassam Infotech can Improve Overall Business Revenue? | ERP Implementation | Odoo Implementation

What is the latest mantra of modern business ventures and those who work behind such projects? 

Invest less and earn more is the strategy where the implementation of Odoo ERP can create wonders. This cloud ERP support ensures significant growth in business operations and offers support to reduce operational costs. Optimum utilization of time, manpower and work centre capacity is assured once Odoo ERP is implemented. A cost-effective ERP solution, Odoo can boost business by playing an important role in sales, customer relationships, human resources, purchasing, and point of sale management. Implementing ERP can help revenue generation in multiple ways. 

We can take a look at these Revenue Generation Tactics of Odoo

Task and project management

The timely completion of a task and project avoids the wastage of manpower and resources. It is at this phase many young companies lose their battle to the immediate rivals. The utilization of time for productive purposes is ensured only with efficient task management support. Odoo ERP with its Project management support ensures the timely completion of scheduled works. The time spent on the project and the employees working on a project can be managed with the help of the ERP platform.

Optimized use of working hours

Working for a longer time does not indicate the efficiency of work. It actually ends up in wasting quality time. Odoo ERP supports an investor to optimize the effectiveness of working hours by proper planning and management. Manufacturing and other industries can also make use of the work hour estimation feature. The best Odoo ERP Implementation can help a business to improve the actual work hours with better planning and better execution. Work hours and effective hours of every employee can be traced with the ERP tool. Thus, it helps the business sort out plans to improve work hour efficiency and correct the employees if needed, the right way for better improvements.

Improved productivity and Work Centre capacity

The productivity of a business is directly linked to the revenue. It is this revenue that determines the fate of its investors and the future of growth. We should utilize every investment at the business maximum to improve revenue generation. Capacity assessment and planning of work orders based on work centre capacity and order requirement becomes effortless with Odoo. Timely maintenance and repair prevent the dysfunction of machines and hence improves productivity. The sale and income generation also get support.

Integrate different operations

The symphony of departments can help a business to scale new heights. Timely inter-departmental coordination can speed up business activities and increase revenue. Unnecessary delays in approving and sanctioning quotations and orders will no longer be a concern for businesses embracing Odoo. An example for the same is the correlated functioning of both the accounting wing and the salaried workers.


Efficient sales and marketing

Custom ERP offered by Odoo provides a business with many marketing tools. Discount and promotion management, marketing campaigns through SMS, Email and Social Media can help a business to improve the customer support and sales revenue considerably. Odoo also offers efficient management of sale teams, review of sale performance and support to forecast sales. It also makes sure that the customer requirements are met on time.

Improved human resources management

The best use of the human resources of a firm can help revenue generation by improving the efficiency of the workforce. Employee, Payroll and attendance management, time off, expenses and recruitment can help the business to recruit the best employees and manage their time and working pattern. Improved efficiency of the employee is sure to contribute a great deal to the revenue of the business.

Managing quotations and orders with ease

We are here to assure you an ever memorable service with a warm customer support project. Get comprehensive support by Odoo ERP to manage quotations, sale orders and invoices with ease. Choose the best quote and prepare the best quote to improve business. Order management, prioritizing the order, review of status and planning of order are sure to help a business to ensure customer satisfaction. Effective order management will surely help you win more business and earn more income. Also, it will set a model for the rest of the companies to have a word with you and learn the model practices you adopted during the term.

Accurate Accounting

An Enterprise resource planning software can extend support for a business to prepare and manage the budget. It can also do more with the improvement of your existing learning skills. Accurate Accounting and journal entries also avoid mismanagement of funds. Proper tracking of payments and pending payment also turns helpful as measures can be taken to collect the payment. Bank account reconciliation and budget management can also play an important role in helping a business. 

Customer management and lead generation

We guarantee you can Satisfy your customer with Odoo ERP Implementation. Attend to your customers’ needs and manage enquiries and leads with efficiency. The best ERP solution, Odoo, helps the team to convert leads into opportunities and build a long-lasting relationship with the customers. The ERP tool also helps the business to maintain constant contact with the customers.

Product Price and Quality

Quality and Competitive pricing are the keys to the success of a business. The bill of material management and product and price list support enables you to price the product in accordance with the raw material price, labor charge and other expenses. Odoo with a module for quality management supports you to generate quality control points, checks and alerts. Improved quality means better business.

Review of performance with Reports

How can you improve the productivity and profitability of your business? Performance assessment and review surely plays a pivotal role here. Weekly, monthly or annual reviews on the performance of departments help you to assess the positives and negatives of the business. Find out the flaws and introduce corrective measures with the reports.

How does Odoo ERP Implementation from Bassam Infotech help you?

 The best Odoo ERP implementation company Bassam Infotech can provide you with a complete cost-effective ERP solution. We integrate Odoo with different applications and customizes Odoo ERP by using different modules. Our support will help you operate efficiently with reduced manpower and improve efficiency.

We’re available by phone or email, with a 24-hour response time in case you need immediate Odoo support. For more details, Call us on +91 88912 49995 or +91 70250 75566 email us at


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