How Odoo ERP helps your business during the Covid pandemic

January 17, 2022

Covid- 19 has brought many disruptions for business organizations and industries across the globe. Continuous lockdowns, factory closures, and quarantines are some of the severe downsides of the pandemic. The manufacturing industry and industries likewise faced major struggles. For example, the extensive lockdown faced by China, the hub of global Supply chain management, caused many industries like electronics, metal, and automobiles to close down.

So, what role does the Odoo ERP system has during the course of Covid- 19?

Well, in order to understand that, we need to identify the problems faced by industries during this period. Some of them are as follows:

  • Interruption of working due to office closedown.

  • Interruption of the production line.

  • A shift of demand in the market.

  • Halting of Logistics Management.

How can the Best Odoo ERP system help business organizations with these problems during Covid pandemic? Let’s see

  • Making work from home possible

Work from home (WFH) has become a common practice after the pandemic. Companies across the world have adopted these methods. But the integration of different personals and for the technicians to monitor the workflow has become troublesome. But with the Odoo ERP system, you can easily monitor each employee’s working and projects status. With the improvised Cloud based ERP system that Odoo offers, employees and management can access the system remotely and manage the workflow and business operations on a daily basis.

  • Maintaining the flow of the Production line.

Even after enabling work from home, it can only be allowed for front office personal and management team. It’s entirely a new challenge for the factory workers. Many factories faced close down due to restrictions. Manufacturing industries and other similar industries whose business is entirely based on factories faced these challenges the most. Most factories were allowed to work with minimum workers. So the limited number of workers were needed to be carefully assigned to specific jobs in order to have an uninterrupted production line.

Odoo ERP Implementation for the Manufacturing industry and other production industries helps in assessing work, and the number of workers needed precisely. The Best ERP system can also help in preparing work schedules and tracking the completion of each job.

  • Handling shift in market demand

We saw huge and sudden shifts in the market due to unexpected conditions. Manufacturing and retail industries faced a huge decline in the market due to extensive lockdown and trade barriers. Whereas other pharmaceutical and similar industries witnessed and rise in demand for their product. The demand change has brought variations in the production of every industry.

Companies were forced to consider their raw material procurement, material management, machinery usage, and employee management for maximum productivity. By using the Best ERP solution implemented by Bassam Infotech, the Top ERP implementer in Dubai, India, Europe, and Africa, Manufacturing companies can resolve these issues professionally and effectively. Odoo ERP system helps you to calculate raw material requirement and also help in material management, machinery usage, and employee management. In addition, the HR and Payroll in Odoo ERP helps in managing employees and their salaries.

  • Effective Logistics Management

During the Covid- 19 outbreak, logistics faced a huge challenge due to extensive lockdowns, containment zones, trade barriers imposed by countries, etc. The government closed airports, seaports, and railways to contain the virus. The global trade and supply were drastically affected by this. Raw materials, industrial goods, and finished products were stuck in different places due to limitations in transportation. 

Odoo ERP system helped manage the shortage of workers and effectively manage and track the transportation of materials and products and plan production accordingly.


Odoo ERP system played a vital role in maintaining business operations and keeping companies ahead with the market. With unexpected conditions still going on with variations in virus, it is still not too late for you to switch to Odoo ERP and experience the hassle-free and effective management of your business.

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