How to Configure, Create & Manage the Deferred Expense in Odoo Version 15

March 15, 2022

Deferred Expenses are taken into consideration because of the charges that already happened for services or products but to get or consume. These charges are taken into consideration or handled as innovative belongings for the business enterprise. Since can expense the Expense within the destiny, the business enterprise can’t comprise them within the innovative earnings and loss declaration or the earnings account. So it should defer the destiny expense withinside the business enterprise stability sheet till they may be diagnosed right now over a described period. For example, in case you pay a quantity of $1300 all at one time for an entire 12 months and in case you already paid the value but haven’t availed or used the provider, the Expense may be published withinside the expense account and diagnosed each month. So it can diagnose $two hundred as an expense for the subsequent 12 months.


Start by developing the Accounts essential for the operation. For this, visit the Chart of Accounts from the modules Configuration tab. An interface page for Chart of Accounts will appear. From the Page, press the CREATE button, a new report discipline will open up, as given below.


In the Account Name field, you may input the new account’s call and choose the sort of the account from the Type segment or field. Enter the currency and pick the company. After the configurations at the field, you may have extra superior configurations by clicking the SETUP button.

odoo accounts

Here the call of the account is Prepaid Insurance. And the account Type is Current Assets. Suppose you need to configure the automation, then click on the Automation tab and configure the Automation options. Click on SAVE to complete the process. This is the Deferred expense account, and it could enter all the destiny Expenses into this account.

After developing and saving the Deferred cost Account, create an Expenses account. So periodically, the costs may be published in the Expenses account. To create the Expenses account, observe the identical methods for developing the Deferred costs account as proven below.


Here you could observe that gave the Type as Expenses because the account represents Expenses. Periodically the costs can be published to this expense account. The Deferred costs may be regarded with inside the Accounting tab by clicking at the Deferred Expenses.

Deferred expense models:

You could have one-of-a-kind sorts of Deferred price fashions. You can create Deferred Expense fashions with the aid of using going to configurations from the module’s dashboard. Select Deferred price fashions from the drop-down options. Interface page for Deferred price fashions will open up.

Deferred expense models

You can create a new Deferred version with the aid of using the usage of the CREATE button. As proven below, a configuration interface page for growing the Deferred Expenses version will open up.

odoo Deferred expense

In the configuration section, input the call of the Deferred Expense MODELS and pick out the Number of Recognitions from the Number of Recognition field. For example, you can set it to years or months.

You can allow the Prorata Temporis. Prorata Temporis is beneficial to understand your sales with intense precision. With this feature, calculate the primary access at the Revenue Board primarily based totally on the last time among the Prorata Date and the First Recognition Date in preference to the quantity this is the default among the day off recognition. Under the Accounting segment of the configuration segment, you could pick out the Deferred price account and Expense account shape here, as proven below.

Deferred price account

You may be conscious from the photo above that it gave the deferred account as Prepaid insurance, which we created earlier. And withinside the Expenses vicinity, the account is obtainable as an Expense Account, the equal account you created earlier from the Chart of the Account section. Choose the Journal from the Journal vicinity here, the Journal is chosen as Miscellaneous operations, and you are free to pick the Journal that fits your employer policies. You can add an Analytic Account and an Analytic tag from their respective fields if you want and SAVE to keep the Deferred expense model.


After developing the Expense models, new Deferred fee access may be created. For example, to create a new Deferred prices access, visit the Deferred prices below the Accounting tab of the module and press the CREATE from the Deferred prices page.


As marked with inside the picture given above, you may see the call of the Deferred Account that we created earlier. Click at the model, and the information can be routinely full of the configurations as proven below.

odoo Usage

The configurations can be auto-crammed regarding the Deferred charges model. This is the way you manually generate the Deferred Expense. To routinely generate the Deferred costs, let’s create a Vendor invoice and notice the way it works. But earlier than anything, make certain that your Expense account, the Prepaid coverage account in this case, is automated. To do this, visit the Chart Of Accounts, pick the Prepaid Insurance account or the Deferred charges account, click on the SETUP button, and click on the automation tab from the number one configuration tab as proven below.

Expense account

Here the automation is given as Create and Validate. A different discipline will open up, referred to as the Deferred Expense Model, while you pick out this, as proven above. Please select the version and observe it and click on the SAVE button. After this, visit the product phase from the Customer tab inside the dashboard of the accounting module and create or pick out the provider product with that you need to perform the process. Here, we can create a new Service Product Called Insurance for 12 months, as proven below.

Service Product Called Insurance 12 months


Here the Product call is provided as Insurance for 12 months, and the product kind is ready as Service. The invoicing coverage is ready to Prepaid/Fixed-price. After the configuration at the General information, the segment clicks at the Accounting tab to configure the Accounting capabilities of the product, as proven below.


In the Expense Account field, upload the Deferred Expense account. The Added Deferred Expense Account Prepaid Insurance withinside the picture above because we want to put up the Deferred Expense in this account for the carrier product. Press the SAVE button for finalizing the configurations. Next, create a Vendor invoice and observe its impact to look at how it functions. To create a Vendor invoice, click on the Vendor Tab from the module’s dashboard and choose Bills from the drop-down options. Click on the CREATE button from the Bills segment, and the configuration interface page will open as given below.


Prepaid Insurance

In the bill, upload the Vendor and the Bill date, and different essential information. Then, under the Invoice strains section, you may upload the product. Here the Product is Insurance for 12 months. Click on the CONFIRM button, and the following interface page will open up.

revenue management

After confirming the bill, a Register charge interface page will open, as proven above. From here, you may discover the Deferred Expenses. Click on it, and an interface page on Deferred Expense will open.

odoo revenue management

Scroll down for multiple options on the Deferred expenses interface page, as shown below.

Deferred expenses interface page

In the above-proven image, the Expense Board holds all the Journal entries, and it may publish them till recognized the overall Expense quantity. For every Expense date, you could see the respective amounts. Click on the EDIT button in case you need to configure the Deferred expenses. You can Add associated Expenses. To do this, click on the Related Expenses tab after the Expense board, as proven below.

Expense board

The Add a Line button allows you to feature a Related expense.

You can view the published entries from the Posted entry button, and currently, the access is zero, as proven below, and could automatically alternate regarding the replacement at the access.

Related expense

Press it to view the access dates. You also can regulate the Expense by clicking on the MODIFY EXPENSE button. After the configurations, it might store all the tactics to Odoo. You can view this withinside the Balance sheet of the Accounting module. To get admission to the stability sheet from the Accounting module, visit the reporting and click on the Balance sheet.

Accounting module

Managing Deferred charges is important for correct accounting management. The Deferred charges function of the Accounting module will assist you in effective control over the Deferred charges quickly. No, count how widespread the listing is; you may, without difficulty, get them organized and feature a whole review in their approaches and updates results easily inside some easy clicks.

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